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Help needed with possibly multiclassing a Rune Knight Fighter

Content of the article: "Help needed with possibly multiclassing a Rune Knight Fighter"

Hello storytellers,

First time here and I would like some help. I'm about to start playing in a second campaign. In the first I am a celestial warlock, which I love, so I decided to be a fighter in the other campaign. I was always leaning towards the battle master but the rune knight caught my eye. I' a person who likes having options. Not necessarily having a solution to every problem but more like having different things I can do in say combat so that I don't feel like my only option in a battle is to move and attack.

The Rune Knight caught my eye for how fast it goes online. At lvl 3 you choose 2 runes which each has a passive and an active on a short rest and twice per long rest you can grow big and add a d6 to your damage rolls. Thing is, I feel like the from that point on the class starts becoming very mediocre. There are really only 3 of the 6 runes that seem worth it to me and the class starts needing intelligence. As a melee dps tank I'm really not big on wanting to invest in intelligence, so I'm thinking of multiclassing and I would like your advice on what direction to go in. I see a few possibilities, so any opinion or different builds appreciated. In all of these I'm going human, martial weapon (d8) plus shield.

I'm going human and I have a few possible feats in mind depending on what direction I go in. So my first idea was to go fighter 5 for extra attack and then go barbarian 1 for rage. Originally I wanted to stack extra attacks but that doesn't seem to work, but barbarian 1 gets me rage, which is amazing for a tank. Going this route I can either be str based or dex based. I can't use heavy armor with rage, so if I go str, I'm giving up AC for the possibility of being an excellent grappler and shover since both lvl 3 rune knight feature and rage get me advantage on str rolls.. Or I can go dex, which gives me more AC at the cost of being a good grappler/shover. Going 1 barbarian would allow me to drop the rune that gives you res against physical for 1 min per short rest and focus on the other two good ones, the one that gives you dark vision and advatage on insight and the one that can hand out advantage for anything like candy. If I go this route I will probably get the new Tandem Tactician which allows me to help as a bonus action giving not one, but two of my allies advantage against that enemy.

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The other possibility I thought of was going 2 in warlock, two possible routes.

First a hexblade lock. Starting the game as a fighter with high cha and low dex and str, at lvl 1 I would be absolute crap, but at lvl 2 I can grab hexblade and have my weapons do weapon damage + cha. Going 2 in warlock gets me 2 lvl 1 spell slots on a short rest and eldrich invocations, one of which gets me dark vision and something else, allowing me to drop the rune that gets me dark vision and focus on the one that gives advantage to players on anything for 1 min and the res to physical for 1 min. The reason I would go this is to grab the new feat Fey Touched, which gives you +1 int/wis/cha, free misty step and another lvl 1 enchantment spell (bless, hex, puppet) all on a long rest. The Fey Touched feat seems amazing to me and definitely a great feat to start with as human. The disadvantage is that this character probably won't have the str needed for heavy armor.

The last option I'm considering is still going warlock 2, but going for and str build with heavy armor. I have no idea what subclass I would pick If I go this route. Most aren't very interesting. Seeker allows me to have res on all damage for 2 rounds per short rest. Genie allows me to add my proficiency to my damage once per turn. If I go this route I'll probably pick the Aberrant Dragonmark feat, which gives me +1 con, a sorcerer cantrip and a sorcerer lvl 1 (shield) on a short rest.

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All these options have their pros and cons. I'm not unhappy with either one, but I am struggling with how to develop any of these builds further. I'm doing this because I reall don't like what the rune knight gets at 7 and higher so Ideally I wouldn't go past fighter 6. Do you guys have any ideas?

Thanks for reading.

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