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Help Re-Flavoring Flind as Ranger of Obad-Hai

Content of the article: "Help Re-Flavoring Flind as Ranger of Obad-Hai"

This is my first campaign as a DM, and Gnolls have been the motif throughout it so far. My players are level 3, and decided to go face gnolls they learned are holed up in a cave about a half-mile from the city they're in. I hinted through a NPC that this was a really bad idea, but they went all the same. My intention was that several of the city's guards would accompany them to help in the fight if they returned to the city with the information. Still, I figured this would be a good opportunity to show them their decisions can have consequences. I planned 4 encounters and decided to keep them as is because they shouldn't be able to conquer a gnoll band themselves at the moment. Now, they're halfway through, somewhat trapped in the caves, and a few have realized they should've gone in with backup. The bad part is they are very likely to start going down if they continue. I don't feel that the Gnolls can just ignore the battles echoing through the caves either, but I don't ever want a TPK in my game.

That's where the Flind comes in. Inspired by this post on Gnolls, I'm trying to re-flavor/balance a Flind as a neutral-good ranger and servant of Obad-Hai to save their butts. Here is what I have so far. My difficulty is I haven't touched a monster above CR 2 yet, and changing this thing around while keeping it "balanced" is difficult. The Hammerbow is what I came up with to preserve the Flind's might while keeping the range and damage output slightly beneath an NPC using a longbow with equivalent DEX. Its damage output is severely beneath the 3x1d10+5 flail attacks a normal Flind gets, so I think it's fine. I know I want to give it ranger spellcasting for heals/utility the party is missing (the cleric went Trickery Domain and the druid and paladin burned through their spells too fast), but I'm not sure what level/spells it should have. I'm not even 100% sure this Flind will be fighting as giving it Pass Without a Trace would allow the party to sneak out of the caves and retreat to the city. It just doesn't hurt to be prepared, I guess.

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Does anyone have any thoughts on it?

Also, I feel like I failed my players. I was trying to respect their free will, give them a feeling that they can make choices, and show them their choices can have an impact. But they led themselves into a tough spot. And while some in the party see that now, others are confident that I would never let them die and feel I railroaded them into their mess. Any tips on doing this successfully? Or better communicating their actions are on them, not me?

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