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Help with a Dream Vision for a Divine Soul Sorcerer!

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Howdy fellow DM's, I'm in need of your infinite wisdom.

I have a young Divine Soul Sorcerer/Warlock multiclass player. She is playing a young girl in the campaign (12 years old). I set up my campaigns with a yearly calendar, and I use the player's birthday as their characters birthday in game. Well, this character, whose name is Rynn, has her birthday coming up at the next session. I want to have her witness a vision while she dreams where she comes into contact with the deity that her 'divine soul' powers descend from. I dont want her to be a direct descendant of the deity, more like I want the deity to have 'touched' her bloodline somewhere in the past and the powers are manifesting in the player. I was hoping some of you could assist me in coming up with some ideas of how the vision should run, but also maybe some gift/boon ideas that could be bestowed on the character since it is her birthday after all.

Campaign is taking place in Eberron.

Some backstory on the PC: She is a half-elf/half-drow sorcerer/warlock multiclass. Her father was a half-elf ranger that fought for Karrnath during the Last War. While on patrol in the region of his village one night, it started to storm heavily and so he sought shelter in some caves in the mountains he was patrolling. While taking shelter in the caves he began to explore and almost stumbled upon a nest of some of the nastier creatures that dwell in mountains. Before he exposed himself though, he was stopped by a drow woman who revealed herself. Man was stricken by womans beauty, a sequence of events occured, and he returned to his village and his home the next morning. Nine months later he found a swaddled young infant on his doorstep with a note saying, in short, "Her name is Rynn, i will return for her once she is fully grown". He immediately knew that she was his child so he took care of her and raised her. She started exhibiting magical prowess at a young age, and her father played it off as her being able to do minor tricks. As she grew older she became stronger. But she also harbors a dark secret. At some point in her life, villagers started dying randomly, for no reason. Just suddenly becoming very sick over the span of a few days then dying. One day, Rynn finds one of the villagers that is dying and with their dying breath, she holds their hand and comforts them. The reason villagers were dying is due to a fiendish spirit (Illyria, the Fury of Blades) is on the lamb and trying to hide from her masters. Illyria has been taking refuge in mortal bodies and hopping around the country trying to survive. But no mortal body can contain her power for long, thus they expire and she must find a new host. When Rynn holds the hands of this villager while they die, Illyria passes into Rynn's body and stays there. Rynn's divine soul and innate magical power allows her to harbor this spirit without any detrimental effects (homebrewed). Rynn does not know of the spirit, nor does she benefit from any of the powers of a warlock. This will be explored later in the campaign during some story beats, where she will finally learn of her mysterious ride-along, and start to draw power from it. Shortly after the spirit enters Rynn, her village is attacked by a horde of fiends (searching for Illyria) and everyone is slaughtered. Rynn manages to escape and run away, where she is found by a member of the party and taken under his wing. This is where session 1 took place, and the party members were introduced to each other.

My plan is for her divine soul deity to be Eilistraee. She is a deity of the drow that focuses more on the good-aligned drow. I figure it was one of her ancestors that was touched by this deity and the power is in the bloodline, and it manifests at random.

Any ideas on how this vision might play out?

Edit: The player came up with this concept and backstory, so none of it is hidden. The player is really good at separating player knowledge from character knowledge. The player did not do any backstory on where the divine soul comes from, so thats what I am sort of hoping to explore with this vision.

Thanks for your help friends!!!

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