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Help with a Fight Club

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Earlier today, I mentioned to my group about potentially running Fight Clubs and other encounters (separate from our DM’s campaign, with characters built for each new FC), and everyone so far seems on board! It appears that I will be running the first FC, so I get to create the rules, and while I have some idea of the rules I want, I was hoping for help in designing certain aspects of the rules and double checking what I currently have.

Note: I am aware D&D was not built for PvP, but this is all in good fun and separate from the campaign and involving one-off characters. My FC also won’t be exclusively PvP.

What I have so far (the players have been informed of these, so they can get a start on thinking about characters):

-PCs will be level 20, and all official content is allowed, including feats and multiclassing. A custom stat array will be provided (but this stat array still needs decided, and I would like it to be, at the worst, a little more generous than the standard array).

-PCs will be allowed any Legendary magic item of their choice. I would like to grant them additional magic items to choose, but I’m unsure of what amounts of what rarities to allow. I don’t have any issue with simply increasing the amount by one for each rarity downward (i.e. Players would choose 1 Legendary item, 2 Very Rare items, etc.), but am unsure if this is too much.

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-Between combats, all PCs will be resurrected, all effects and afflictions will end on all PCs, and all PCs will gain the effects of a long rest.

-Simple, flat terrain in a space large enough to grant freedom of movement, but will be unable to be left through any means (since it’s the first FC).

-There will be 2-3 2v2, 2v2v2, 3v3, or a mix of 2v2v2 and 3v3 combats, depending on if we have 4 or 6 players. I will try to ensure 6 players are present.

-Following the PvP combats, there will be an encounter against a Tarrasque, and an encounter against Sul Khatesh (I would also like 1 or 2 more monster encounters, but don’t know what would be interesting. I would prefer starting with the Tarrasque and ending with Sul Khatesh). These encounters will have all players working together.

Beyond this, I’m not sure of any other additional rules to add, so let me know if I’m forgetting anything important! What do you think of what I have so far? What would you recommend for the stat array, magic item count for each rarity, and additional encounters? Thanks for the help, and sorry for the long post!

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