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Help with a sidequest tweak for LMoP with my kids

Content of the article: "Help with a sidequest tweak for LMoP with my kids"

I'm running our first family campaign with wife and two kids who love the idea of DnD so far but don't quiiiiite get it with the roleplay but it's still fun. We're into the later portions of LMoP and they're finally starting to get into their characters a bit so I'm trying to introduce/expand personal sidequests for them for each of their characters. They'd end with some cool new weapon or something for them. I'm having trouble connecting the dots of what I want to do and would appreciate any ideas from people bored enough to spare some thoughts.

For our elf rogue played by one of the kids (a wannabe murder hobo that we've spent the entire campaign trying to keep under control), we ran a quest last night to meet a banshee for information. I focused the roleplay on her (since banshees are elves, the banshee didn't want to talk to the half elf or tiefling) and after the initial successful encounter, the rogue passed out and woke up in the banshee's lair, where the banshee demanded she retrieve a ring of protection (which was the next scripted sidequest) that had been stolen from her. Rogue then woke up back with the group.

So here's my plan – From there, I thought I'd branch the story into the banshee being regretful of her previous vanity and explain that the ring had been a gift from her love, a wizard who she had rejected because she was too vain.

  • So the party will need to go to the family grave of the boyfriend and return the ring for her

  • When they get there, they'll find there is no grave for the boyfriend,

  • ???

  • eventually discover that after the heartbreak, the wizard boyfriend turned into the nothic that the party had encountered (and left alive) earlier in the campaign in the main hub town of Phandalin. I'm thinking the grave site will be in Phandalin as well just to keep it clean.

  • not sure, but tempted to go totally off-lore and reunite the two creatures, possibly breaking the curses, returning them to normal and letting them rest in peace together. Might just end it with a couple conversations with the nothic and banshee and them both being happy the other is alive. Maybe an escort mission to take the nothic to the banshee. Who knows.

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This is my first time DMing, so I'm having trouble connecting the dots story-wise in a way that can add a couple battles or whatever. Maybe a spirit guarding the family grave, and then I'll need to invent/adjust an NPC or two who they can be led to to connect the dots to lead them to the boyfriend becoming the Nothic. I'm just new to this and have my brain split with real life distractions and can't put it together.

Reward will be the Crow Quills, which my rogue will be super pumped about.

For the tiefling druid played by the other kid, they met Reidoth the elder druid earlier in the story who my kid was awed by. I kind of rushed a discussion because the group wasn't playing along very well, I was tired, and I hadn't planned it at all. I decided on the spot to have Reidoth teach my druid a new beast shape, but they insisted that she'd be able to take any shape she saw Reidoth take, which, lawyered. I was exhausted and not thinking on my feet. So Reidoth gave her a +1 quarterstaff that has untapped magical properties and told her that if she can discover the name of the staff it will unlock its potential. (I think this will just become a feather staff)

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I got nothing for this one, but I want to bring Reidoth back around and help her unlock the magic properties of the quarterstaff. With limited understanding of how to handle a druid (she insists on using Reidoth's staff in every encounter that doesn't let her use her heat metal spell – she loves that staff), are there any decent existing side quest ideas that I can work in to lead us there?

The third character is my wife's nature cleric, and I haven't even begun thinking about what to do with her, but that's not really my concern at the moment.

I'm totally open to tropes and cliches – they don't know any better. Any tried and true story hooks or simple methods I can are great. Like I said, I'm new at this and after about 20 hours of this campaign, finally starting to get the hang of DMing.

Sorry if this is a super broad question, anything helps.

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