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Help With Choosing a Sub/Class: Black Witch, Warlock w/ Her Own Magic (homebrew accepted)

Content of the article: "Help With Choosing a Sub/Class: Black Witch, Warlock w/ Her Own Magic (homebrew accepted)"

New campaign, new player character. We're starting as fugitives, so thought a "black magic" style character would work well. I'm just stuck on the actual, you know, important details like subclasses. The general concept for the character is a young witch taught magic by her amoral mentor who later also inducted her into the service of a powerful psychopomp.

For classes, SorLock isn't what I'm looking at. Sorcerer "spells learned" is too limited for the concept I have. Despite it's "unorthodox" nature, I'll probably be a WizLock (unless I can be persuaded away, though I'm doing this because of roleplay, not mechanics).

Subclasses, though…

Warlock's easy because it's Hexblade (it's always Hexblade) because it ties into the entire "Hexes and Curses" aspect I was playing up, and the fact her patron is a psychopomp fits the later ability of "summon spectre of the dead" (if I pursue that).

Wizard, on the other hand… I could use some help. The core wizard subclasses are all underwhelming for me and I would prefer something with a bit more spice. Currently, I'm eyeing u/Yorviing's "Witchcraft" or "Haemomancy" from their book "Yorviing's Arcane Grimoire" because of all the cool and interesting concepts they play around with, but I'm not sure on "Witchcraft" (because some of it is already done by the Warlock class) and "Haemomancy", while interesting, doesn't really fit thematically for the character, especially as they're more attuned to death rather than blood. If you could help suggest some subclasses that fit the whole "black witch" theme, that would be nice (and maybe a good feat, too! I'm variant human and I'd like a nice feat, but don't know what to take)!

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P.S. As an aside, no, I'm not doing the "School of Necromancy" subclass. "Grim Harvest" and "Inured to Undeath" fit the character, but I'm not doing the whole "animate" the undead. The character is more likely to use "Speak With Dead" than create an undead horde.

P.P.S. Yeah, my PC sounds a bit edgy and evil, but I know the difference between "this character is an amoral, manipulative prick but not actively malicious or murderous," and "this character is toxic to the game world itself and the other players."

P.P.P.S. Why isn't Inflict Wounds a base Warlock/Wizard Spell!? It would fit so good with my character!

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