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Help with Hombrew NPC “Boss” Stat Block!


TLDR: I've never really made a homebrew stat block from scratch before. Here is the Stat Block and A picture that inspired the fine fellow, and below I'll provide some context for any feedback or tweaks you might offer. Personally, I think the bloody siphon might be a little strange with the "recharge" mechanic. I'm sure there are formating issues, but this ends up in Foundry VTT for personall use anyway, so while i'll gladly learn, i'm not to woried about that, and more worried about mechanics and contextual balance. Big ole newbie here.

Hello! I'm a pretty new DM, my group and I started playing in May, and have been going strong every Saturday since, with only two missed sessions. We're having a blast, my players really seem to love what I’m selling, and I’m experimenting and trying to learn as much as I can and improve. Which brings me here for the first time.

The party just hit level 8. We play in my homebrew setting. The campagin has been very challenging, i'm often told that the difficulty level is often brutal (which i'm also told is one of their favorite aspects of it). There is a Leonin fighter, an asimar warlock, an elven ranger with a little bit of temporal magic (homebrew/deep magic) and a Dhampir Serophage sorcerer (another homebrew/deep magic thing). Good group.

The party is going to need to convince the leader of the Dhampirs to join a side in a conflict. More or less, the guy is motivated by strength, it’s kind of what their culture values most. So, after a lot of dialouge, it's likely they're going to need to fight him, to prove their strength and to represent for the side that they want the Dhampirs to throw in with. He’s currently the "leader" of the Dhampirs and should be very physically strong. In my world, when a dhampir feeds, they gain power, but usually at a cost. That power can be either physical or magical in nature, and this particular fello, named Zaros, is a melee powerhouse known as a blood drinker, and has fed the most out of any known Dhampir.

Okay, so this fight should be considered difficult and very deadly. That's what I'm aiming for. However, this isn't for keeps, no one is actually going to die, it’s a test of strength, but the players aren't going to know that. I also want them to have a chance of winning this encounter, but I don't want it to be immediately obvious. So, i gave him lots of movement, some strong CC abilities, high AC, large health pool, and some big DOINKS as well as some health regen options since it’s a 4v1 and the action economy and the fighter and Sorc are probs gonna skullfuck him if they hit and hit well. (they did 250 damage between the two of them last fight with some lucky crits and upcasted abilities and 1 damage vunlerablility.

I should mention, that every fight in this campaign has been very deadly on the traditional scale, and they have only lost 1 PC this entire time. They are resourceful and capable. I want to keep pushing them, and seing as this is a test of stregnth more or less, they will have fun if they think it's for keeps.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!


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