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Help with swapping between arcane focus and weapon.

Content of the article: "Help with swapping between arcane focus and weapon."

Hello all!

This week, a player of mine decided to multiclass fighter6/sorcerer1. So i need to figure out what are the RAW for using an arcane focus and another weapon in the same combat.

From what i understand reading the PHB – Actions in Combat (pg. 192, 193), when you make an attack, you get to draw your weapon as a "free" object interaction. I would assume, if you had a focus stowed away, that would apply as well, so if you cast a spell with V,S,M you can also draw your focus in the same action as the casting.

If you were wielding a two-handed weapon, or versatile one, I also recon it would be reasonable to allow the character to keep holding the weapon with one hand, and draw a focus and cast a VSM spell with the other hand – although i think this may not be RAW.

I want to discuss what happens then in the following situation:

The player is wielding a shield and spear (or any other 1 handed weapon, doesn't really matter). How would combat go between diferent turns?

The way i see it, if the player wanted to cast a spell, he would need to drop his spear (idk if there's any official rulling on this, but i reckon it's a quite widespread understanding that dropping your weapon doesn't cost any form of action, just like switching from using 2 hands to 1 hand with a versatile weapon). Alternatively, the player would need to think ahead and stow their spear (assuming they didn't draw it in the same turn, this would be a "free action" from what i can see.) so that in the next turn, he can draw a focus and cast a VSM spell. However, in the following turn, that would mean the player either decides to drop the focus in order to draw his spear again, or use a spell again and then stow the focus, so that he can draw a spear as part of the attack in the following turn. Apart from the bookkeeping, this would also mean any AoO between turns would be made without their weapon (either with punches or using the shield as an improvised weapon).

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The other alternative would be wasting an action to stow whichever one the player is wielding, and action surge to make an attack or cast a spell, in witch case, they could draw the weapon/focus as part of the action. But this only applies to fighters.

Is this interpretation correct? Is this RAW/RAI? I couldn't find specific rullings on this in the PHB, nor any sage advice (although this must have been asked before surely). If you could point out official rullings or sage advice about this, it would be much appreciated.

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