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Help with the Castle? Not hostile, yet, want the thing in the box. (Major Spoilers for Hoard of the Dragon Queen)

Content of the article: "Help with the Castle? Not hostile, yet, want the thing in the box. (Major Spoilers for Hoard of the Dragon Queen)"

Castle Skyreach. I'm not trying to actually read the whole chapter, but I already know from DMing it before that the Black Mask can be lost if Rezmir dies.

Party Composition:

Hobgoblin Cleric Life 1/Wizard War Magic 6 in Full Plate and Shield Dwarf Cleric Zeal 7 in Full Plate and Shield Bugbear Fighter 5/Barbarian 2 ~17 AC at the moment with Greatsword Changeling Bard Eloquence 5/Warlock GOO 2 in breast plate and using EBlast primarily

We get to the castle via Wyvern We sleep. I'm terrified of going out at night because I know whats there at night. We pee off a tower with some Ogres and play cards. We explore after another long rest, end up in the control room, anger the wife, diffuse the situation and repair damage as well as polish and clean the place because it's night again and we don't want to go out. We make a b line to the Giant and have a nice discussion with him which goes well.

We now have an idea of the layout of the place, we can still talk to him more. The giant gave us some scrolls and said his guys won't hamper us, but he won't really help us either. Figured out the lady in the dark is a vampire. I rolled religion and got a nat 24 (guidance) so we should be able to handle having a spell for her.

But I'm stuck. Our group doesn't do subterfuge well, or thinking since we're all used to being asleep during pretty much the whole time we do the sessions (early AM). Our typical gameplay goes like this: Try to roleplay, say something stupid start combat. Chick in Chapter 7 said to show her the signal, she took a maximized level 3 fireball to the face, because in general that's the signal. Realllllly not good at subterfuge and just had to make an entirely new group of characters as everyone died… again… when the DM threw every enemy from Chapter 7 at us (he was under the kmpression we were unkillable, partially because of my goodberries) in a small room because of said fireball, so my 73hp Dwarf Druid controller amazing healer… gone…. like every session (not this last one though, woohoo, 1 game streak!)

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I know I want the mask which will blink out on us if we kill Rezmir (who I also really want to kill for the last couple chapters). I am also pretty sure there is a staff of fire in this book, which I really want before encountering the white dragon in the basement again, then 3 of us can just drop a maxed damage level 4, level 4, and a level 3 fireball on it in the first round of combat.

But what spells should I be prepping to get around, find everyone's stuff and steal it. We already have access to Knock and Silence so we should easily be able to open most anything.

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