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Help with Villain goals in Frostmaiden

Content of the article: "Help with Villain goals in Frostmaiden"

Hey guys,

I get that ROTFM is constructed a little loosely so DMs have the ability to pick up the threads their players chase and that it requires us to put in a little work to create the connective tissue, and I think that's great!

My problem is this: I have no idea what ANY of the major powers animating these conflicts actually wants, so my ability to create those connections is poor right now. I want to ask some questions, and I'm happy to get answers that are established Lore OR your own headcanon or game choices, I just need some help.

  1. Why is Auril blocking the sun? I understand that preserving things in frozen isolation is in her nature, but this behavior is brand new and is making her vulnerable. I gather the most recent lore on her is that she pissed off Umberlee, Talos, and Malar which is why she's on Solstice and not off in god-land, but none of them are sun gods and I don't see how this is helping her. Also raising the Roc apparently takes a LONG time, so while the behavior is new this plan isn't apparently triggered by that feud.

  2. Why do the Chardalyn Berserkers become disciples of Auril? It's her only connection to Chardalyn that I could see; the rest of the Chardalyn subplots all relate to Levistus and Azmodeus which makes more sense since the Crenshinibon relic Chardalyn is derived from has that Infernal connection already. Why is Auril empowering these guys? Why are they serving her? Hell, doesn't blocking the sun make Crenshinibon (and by extension Chardalyn) less powerful?

  3. Why do the Auril druids keep awakening all these animals? It doesn't seem to line up with any of Auril's ideals of Cruelty, Endurance, Isolation, or Preservation. It doesn't seem necessary for the subduing and eventual destruction of Ten Towns (if she even wants that?).

  4. More generally, why is Auril bothering with any of these groups of followers.

  5. What is Levistus trying to do in the north with his blackswords? It seems kind of halfbaked at this point as its really just come to him taking over one castle. Unlike the Duergar, there doesn't seem to be a plan for Chardalyn being collected. Am I missing something?

  6. What does Azmodeus get out of a surface-dwelling Dueregar kingdom beyond the spine of the world?

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Thanks guys. I know this is a little different than other posts here since it focuses on help with verisimilitude more than help with player engagement, but I'm just finding it hard to feel confident that I'll be able to connect threads satisfactorily without understanding this stuff.

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