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Here are 10 herbs and plants ready to use, with original drawings included!

These herbs and plants are suitable for almost any campaign setting, I designed them as a baseline, you could develop potions and stuff from them if needed.
Here the link with all the direct downloads (docs in pdf/docx/pages + images). Have fun!


It is a black, slimy, thick seaweed. It lives in brackish water. Each plant poisons up to 3 cubic meters of water around it. Touching it imposes a TSS (CON) DC 12 to halve 1d6 poison damage each turn for 1d6 turns.


It exudes a very faint aura of transmutation. It grows on stone, it is magical. Eating it causes poisoning for 10 minutes if you fail a TSS (CON) at DC 14, and then roll 1d6. The higher the roll, the more your voice rises in terms of timbre. The changes last for 5 days, or until you are targeted by Dispel Magic / Greater Restoration / Lay on of Hands and the like.

Luminescent delight

It is a large, thick mushroom that does not grow too tall. It is a slight blue, emits dim light within 50 cm. If consumed, it can be considered as an entire ration, and imposes a ST ( – 14+): if failed, the eyes of those who ate the mushroom turn a vague blue.


It is a very rare flower, found almost only in the gardens of powerful arcanists who cultivate it specifically. It does not wither on its own, but it can be damaged or destroyed. These flowers have only one effect: to trap "scenes". Since they are born, it takes them 20 years to mature, going from a dark gray to a bright blue. The moment they finish ripening, they magically memorize all the events that occurred in the following twenty minutes, in a sphere with a radius of 10 meters centered on the flower. Soon after, the flower turns purple. A flower of this type that has turned purple can, once a day when hit by any spell, create an equivalent of Greater Image to show, all around itself, what it has memorized, projecting it as an illusion.


Each plant has 1d4 unsightly ocher leaves that are hard to miss (each leaf is stiff, about 60cm tall at an acute angle to the ground). Eating a leaf, whole or in powder, costs one action and returns 1 hp. Specialized herbalists (or characters who are becoming herbalists) can dry and crumble the leaves to keep them for a long time, the cost is 1 gp for every 10 leaves, halved if the character learns on his own. Usable for recipes.


Rare plant usually cultivated by the Illithids. They are dull orange bulbs, supported by dark brown roots. They emit a smell of decay curiously mixed with moss. It takes 50 days to ripen, and every 25 days they must be treated with arcane procedures via a roll (ARC) at DC 19. If you fail a roll, the flower will wither. When consuming a bulb, ST ( – 12+) not to be stunned for 1d4 turns, and gain resistance to psychic damage for 5 minutes.


They are flowers with huge petals, orange and lanceolate, straight and rigid like vegetable blades. They grow only near volcanoes and in general places where ash tends to deposit. With a Roll ( – 13+) it is possible to remove petals from a flower (roll 1d6 for the number of petals in each flower). Each petal can be used as a dagger, once: when it hits a target it becomes red-hot dealing 1d4 points of fire damage. To preserve the delicate petals, players will have to find something fireproof: if placed in any normal bottle, in fact, they will explode on their own in 1d8 hours.


They resemble violets, have white petals with blue streaks. They only grow in snowy areas. With a Roll ( – 16+) it is possible to remove petals from a flower (roll 1d4 for the number of petals in each flower). Each of these petals, if thrown into a liquid, can freeze it: 8 petals can freeze a cube of liquid with a side of 30 cm, depending on the actual amount of water that composes it. Unlike the Fiorfire cousins, these flowers do not require special precautions to be preserved.


They are trees that grow only in places that have been the scene of immense battles, or more frequently in places where powerful necromancy has been used. The trunk resembles a series of aligned vertebrae, which in a very macabre and disturbing way trace the physiological curvatures present in the vertebral column of humanoids. The main branches are arched, like ribs, and have no leaves or fruit. By breaking branches or carving the trunk, a dark red viscous liquid sprays out: a player can perform a Roll ( – 16+), combined with a Roll ( – 17+) of another player, to obtain an ampoule of this liquid, working 90 minutes. For each vial obtained this way, you can deduct 50 gp from the costs of copying wizard spells into a spellbook (or a warlock's rituals with Pact of the Tome). Each tree provides no more than 1d4 ampoules, and failing at least one of the two checks implies losing the chance to obtain an ampoule.


Brown lichen carpeting rock with a minimal amount of Thamil, a gypsum-like material. They eat that. Five plants can be used to make an infusion with calming abilities for animals: if consumed by a Beast, all creatures that roll a Animal Handling on it in the next hour will have advantage.


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