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Hey everyone, I’m looking for some lore hounds to help me flush out the finer details of a MTG themed Dungeon and dragons campaign.

Its post mending and set at some point not too long after the war of the spark. My working idea is that the planar beacon set off a series of events leading to the group forming.

So the plot will ultimately lead them to being stranded in ferune. Finding their way back home. and realize they are all potential planeswalkers. and they are being groomed to take on a young avengers/teen titans role.

Below Is a brief description of the flavor and characters story elements. as well as some destinations they would like to visit along the campaign.

Nova vega: the human variant, red dragon sorcerer, Dragon monk. After the planar beacon activated He awoke in a gutter with no memory of his former self. He found his way to the rakdos guild and is a talented fire artist. wielding a flaming meteor hammer that he can incorporate into his deadly arts. (Is actually the recarporialzed form of chandra's brother she thought long lost ) player requests we visit the plane of theros and kalidesh.

Corvus: the half vampire way of mercy monk, echo knight. Brought into the orzhov at a young age as a ward, and taught to be a pugilist/fixer. The planar beacon activated his long dormant vampiric heritage sending him into a blood rage and tearing through a group of Eternals.(he is actually half vampire – half aasimar. His mother was part of a secret Avacyn bloodline.( the planeswalker Kaya found the young boy on innistrad and she used her abilities to sever the unique spiritual duality of the child. Transporting him with necro-magic to ravnica and hiding him in plane sight).player would Like to visit zendikar and innistrad. I will be crossing the curse of strahd and innistrad aka curse of innstrahd. It will serve as the bridge back into the mtg cosmology.

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Clique: the kenku/ravenfolk soulknife, great old ones warlock. Is posing as a rakdos guild member but is actually a dmir operative with powerful psionic abilities. their mentor is a aetherborn vampire that helps honed cliques innate mental abilities.(clique has communed with the original master of the dmir. Who is imprisoned in the spirit world. Clique takes on the psychic vampire as a patron. They are plotting an escape from his prison with cliques assistant's. No specific locations suggested. But I'm thinking about a meditation plane or something.

N-IX (Neoform 10): is a Changeling moon druid,beast ranger. born in a simic lab as part of a unique part of the Guardian project. He matured at a faster rate than other humanoids, becoming a sub-adult in only 10 years. He had displayed the ability to take on characteristics of other animals but his powers were too erratic to properly control. When the planar beacon activated, Nix immediately felt compelled deep within the underwater laboratory. and found a researcher that was about to euthanize a pseudo-dinosaur beast, nix imported on the beast it was then his full shapeshifting potential was revealed. Other researchers found nix and his new dino companion covered in blood. in the corner of chamber cuddled up asleep ( is secretly a hybrid of experiment kraj and volrath) player would like to visit lixilan and ikoria. I think a kaiju battle between the elder dinosaurs and the apex beast of ikora would be sick.

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Turi :triton storm sorcerer, tempest cleric. Part of the azorius, Is a law mage in training. in Hopes to discover what her fate holds. When the planar beacon activated, she was in a moment of reflection near the spot where her sister the (planeswalker kiora) gained her spark. A rift opens up and brings the naive girl to Ravnica .She has no clue why or how but she is happy to have freedom from her sister's overprotective nature. ( the goddess Thassa is shaping the fate of the two sisters. as they represent the different aspects of the sky and sea, its hard to say what the ultimate fate of the two will be). Player would like to visit Zendikar and theros.

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