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High persuasion player is not acting at all persuasive

What do I do when my most persuasive player is not acting or speaking at all persuasive?

My level 3 party rogue took expertise in persuasion, and is now at +7, but he's being incredibly abrasive with the NPCs that they encounter.

For example: He met a fellow halfling (which are relatively rare in our region) and got outraged when the guy, who is a rural fisherman, hadn't heard of his faraway homeland across the sea. When the guy told him that he'd never even been outside of his fishing village, he replied "Cry me a river, then go fish in it."

Another example: When they went into the mid-size city to find out some information about a bad guy, he got mad that no one seemed to know his friend who got killed, and got upset that a random dwarf in a bar couldn't be persuaded to help them out just on the basis of the friend that got killed also being a dwarf. I'm generally inclined not to ask him for a persuasion roll when he's being hostile and unfriendly, but he's also not being deceptive or intimidating. He's just kind of being a jerk, and his attempt at "persuasion" is something like: "How can you not care? He's a dwarf too and now he's dead! You should care about other dwarves! Won't you come help us?" Despite the fact that it was made very clear that the dwarf he was talking to was a fishmonger. Not a fighter or a guard or someone who had any connection to people in power. And that they're in a city of several thousand people, and their friend was killed miles outside of town in the deep dark wood. It's not like he was murdered in the street in a very high profile killing that everyone would have at least heard about.

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TL;DR: How do I deal with the fact that the most persuasive player in the party is kind of a jerk to every NPC he meets?

Edit: Thank you for all of the great (and incredibly fast) feedback! I feel pretty confident that the player is absolutely capable of being persuasive in these situations, but he's choosing to make his character an ass. I'm going to talk to him a bit outside the game and also think more about what a success would mean when he is trying to persuade someone on an unreasonable request.

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