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Hit, Strike, Crit! (My Personal combat system)

Content of the article: "Hit, Strike, Crit! (My Personal combat system)"

(Mobile, forgive format issues) Greetings all! I thought I’d divulge my own combat system as my players have enjoyed it and I find it could help some common complaints, such as low crits or combat brevity.

The goal of this system is to vastly improve the pace and theatrics of combat without crippling the randomness of it. It also works to enhance other aspects of the game that I use.

Whenever rolling damage, you take average. However, on an attack roll, if you exceed the target AC/DC by 5+, maximize the damage. If you manage 10+, you crit, and a crit doubles the maximized damage.

This also extends to standard saving throws utilizing the PF2e basic throw system. 10+ or more crits, 10- or less crit fails. On a crit success, no damage. Success, half damage. Fail, average. Crit fail, maximize.

(Warning: this will only work in systems using bounded accuracy or a perfectly balanced progression (Ex: 5e & PF2e respectively). This system will also greatly increases over all damage output for all parties. This promotes a much more lethal and tactical experience since this is how I DM. If you need less lethal gameplay I suggest this tweak.

Hit -> Glance: minimum damage, Strike (5+): average damage, Crit: maximized damage)

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NOTES: -precision damage/ability damage such as sneak attack and divine smite is ALWAYS averaged. -as a DM you still should keep descriptions varied. This helps determine intensity, not effect. -Probably not for new DMs, I recommend experience & confidence. As with all things this requires an artful/flavorful touch.

And that’s that! Effective but easy to grasp! My players have been all for it and tell me it helps them feel the lethality in every fight. (This for my DM style, not everyone’s)

any questions or concerns, leave em’ below. And as always you’re free to steal.

let me know if you or your players have any feedback, I’d love to hear! (Also please give credit, I’m actually proud of this one ☺️)

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