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Homebrew Blood Weaver subclass for Barbarians

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Okay, a little background. This was partially inspired by the blood hunter class. I really like the idea of a high risk high reward mechanic where you hurt yourself to add extra magic damage to your weapons but I don't really care for anything else having to do with the blood hunter class. I started wondering how the blood magic mechanic would work for a barbarian and came up with this.

This is the first homebrew I've made that I've ever shared with anyone so any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated.

Path of the Blood Weaver

Some barbarians find that their rage is not enough. Those who seek additional power often find themselves seeking the aid of the dark practice of blood magic. Willing to risk one's own well being for a moment of great power, blood weavers are a force to be reckoned with and enemy to be feared. While they look like any other barbarian, most keep some of their body exposed revealing scars and fresh wounds from where they drew on their own vitality.

3rd Level: Blood RiteUpon adopting this path at 3rd level, you learn to weave magic power into your blood. Choose one of the Blood Rite damage types from the following list:• Acid• Cold• Fire• Lightning• Necrotic• Poison• Psychic• Radiant• Thunder

3rd Level: Blood Fueled RageUpon adopting this path at 3rd level, you must make a melee attack against yourself in order to enter your Rage. This attack always hits and ignores resistance and immunities, and cannot crit. Roll damage against yourself as normal (for example, if you use a greataxe you would deal 1d12 + your strength modifier against yourself). After making this attack, you enter your Rage and apply your Blood Rite damage type to whatever you hit yourself with (this includes improvised weapons and unarmed strikes, include damage from Tavern Brawler if applicable), turning that weapon into your Rite Weapon for the duration of your Rage.

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While Raging, you add a Rite die to any damage roll you make with your Rite Weapon, dealing an additional 1d6 of the Blood Rite damage type you picked on top of your normal Rage Damage bonus (for example, that greataxe now deals 1d12 + Rage Damage bonus + strength mod slashing damage + 1d6 Blood Rite damage). This effect can only end on your Rite Weapon upon ending your Rage. Your Rite die increases as you gain levels in this class to 1d8 at 6th level, 1d10 at 12th level, and 1d12 at 17th level.

Note: If you use a magic weapon, you would deal any bonus damage from the weapon but none of the special effects of the weapon are triggered (for example, if you use the magic weapon the Bloodaxe, you would factor in the +2 damage from the weapon to the damage you deal to yourself but not the 1d6 necrotic damage it deals to creatures that aren’t constructs or undead).

6th Level: Blood GuardAt 6th level, the Blood Rite damage weaved into your blood now grants you protection even when you’re not raging. You now have resistance to your Blood Rite damage type and a condition/weather immunity depending on the Blood Rite you chose:• Acid Rite grants you immunity to petrification.• Cold Rite grants you immunity to the effects of extreme cold.• Fire Rite grants you immunity to the effects of extreme heat.• Lightning Rite grants you immunity to being stunned.• Necrotic Rite grants you immunity to being frightened.• Poison Rite grants you immunity to being poisoned.• Psychic Rite grants you immunity to being charmed.• Radiant Rite grants you immunity to being blinded.• Thunder Rite grants you immunity to being deafened.

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10th Level: Crimson BlessingYour blood magic is so strong you now gain a special attribute while raging depending on what you have in your offhand.

  • If you have no weapon or shield in your offhand and are not wielding a weapon with the two-handed property you can use a bonus action to give yourself temporary hit points equal to your constitution modifier (they cannot stack).
  • If you are holding a shield in your offhand you gain immunity to your Blood Rite damage type.
  • If you are wielding a second weapon or a weapon with the two-handed property you can add your constitution modifier to your attack rolls.

14th Level: Sacrificial SmiteYou can now channel more power into your weapon strikes at a great cost. When you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack with your active Rite Weapon, you can immediately reduce your current total hit points by half (rounding down). However many hit points you lose in this manner, add to the damage you deal with your Rite die (for example, if your current hit points are 103 you would go down to 51 HP and would deal 1d10 + 53 Blood Rite damage). Once you use this feature you must finish a long rest before you can do so again.

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