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Homebrew I’ve Played: Subclasses EditionsPart 1; Barbarian to Monk – A master list over a hundred subclasses I’ve playtested, what I still allow, and a brief summary/review of each.

Content of the article: "Homebrew I’ve Played: Subclasses EditionsPart 1; Barbarian to Monk – A master list over a hundred subclasses I’ve playtested, what I still allow, and a brief summary/review of each."

For Homebrew Classes, see Part One.

I said I'd follow up with this in a few weeks. Three months ago. Look, you get what you pay for. Anyway, we are here now, so let's talk Homebrew Subclasses. I intended to do all the subclasses in one shot, but it turns out Reddit posts have a character limit and I am way over it. This will cover Barbarian-Monk, with Paladin-Wizard in the next post.

The #1 most common problem I hear from new and veteran DMs regarding Homebrew is their difficulty finding high quality stuff (particularly for free). I don't want to spend too much of this post as a defense of Homebrew in general – I did that in the first post, and I think it makes my position clear, so I'll summarize that only briefly here. Homebrew is not necessary to play D&D. Homebrew is something that will make many people enjoy the game more, and even extemd the shelf life of D&D indefinitely for a certain type of player. You can make a lot of characters by reflavoring or reskinning things, and that's fine, but that's not what all players are looking for – unique mechanics that support the theme of an idea do so much more in unlocking how a creative player can interact with the world and inspires so many new and great characters that players are engaged with, there's no point in trying to convince me that Homebrew isn't a great addition to the game – I've seen for myself that it frequently is.

That said, I think no one needs to be introduced to the concept that a lot of it is terrible. And that's the point of this post. In my games, I've playtested over a hundred Homebrew subclasses over the years. These are playtested in campaigns, one shots, and playtesting sessions. I run a playtesting game every week with a list of allowed Homebrew and UA, and I run 2-3 games beside that every week. I am not a Homebrewer myself, I'm just a grouchy old DM that has seen enough D&D to have a pretty solid understanding of what is going to break my game and what isn't. That said, note that inclusion on this list means it has some merit and I playtested it. Not being included on this list does not mean it is automatically terrible. I'd guess I've playtested more Homebrew than almost anyone, but I cannot play or test it all.

Note: What I think is balanced is not guaranteed to be what you think is balanced. Here is the main considerations I have (in order of importance to me):

  • Does not overshadow the rest of the party.

  • Does not trivialize common encounters.

  • Does not significantly make me redesign encounters around its unique abilities.

  • Cannot do more damage than optimized PHB builds.

  • Is not directly better than an existing option (I will waive this in some cases where the existing option is rarely played).

  • It's not uselessly weak. Balance is a two sided scale, and though overpowered is a more common problem, underpowered is a bad time for the player.

So in my games I don't allow the Mystic (rule #1) or flying races (rule #2 & 3). You can. You don't need to tell me they are fine in your game. Your criteria can be different. But that's my criteria. If it fits my criteria, I allow it in my games.

Rules for inclusion on the list overall:

  • It has to be free. This list is saying that I'm comfortable saying it's worth your time to look at, not that it's a perfect fit for you game.

  • I have to actually have playtested it. This is "Homebrew I've Played" not "Homebrew I've Read". For that to happen, a player had to pick it from a list. I will only add things to a list that are not obviously broken, and players will only pick things that look interesting, unique, fun, or fit a character idea they have. These are limitations of this just being something we do for fun.

  • In general, I'm not including duplicates, just the one I liked the best, if there's multiples of the same thing. You are busy people, and the point is to reduce the overall list of things to sort through.

  • I don't do jokes and memes. I'm sorry, but I'm old grouchy who doesn't know how to have fun.

Additionally, I weigh overhead against new options – I am fairly tolerant of complicated mechanics or options, but I dislike things that force saves every turn, or allow for excessive rerolling of dice, or introduce floating modifiers. These are all things that unnecessarily slow down combat, and require extra justification for their presence (which is possible, just that the bar is higher).

This list is weighted toward things I've tested in the last year or so, as I don't have perfect records of before that. I only seriously considered writing this up a few months ago, so… without further ado… the list.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Path of the AccursedCOFSA GenuineBelieverer A Barbarian that went insane after accidentally entering a library. It's… fine. Balanced. It's a little weird, like much of COFSA. COFSA content is usually balanced, but contains odd abilities. I'd recommend reading for yourself if it'll make sense for your game. Also a little over specific, but you can refluff that.
Path of the Bladestorm KibblesTasty Fling weapons that spin about and kill stuff Balanced. It does things other Barbarians cannot, but most of the subclass just ends up enabling throwing weapons as a playstyle. I feel this is something the Barbarian is missing, and fits it well.
Path of the BlightedSproutingChaos Jonoman3000 Ever wanted to be a Shambling Mound? Balanced. Grappling subclasses can be frustrating at first, but don't be afraid to give monsters athletics proficiency… Sort of like the Primeval Guardian ranger in theme, but makes more sense here with theme and mechanics.
Path of BloodDarkArts Jonoman3000 A ruthless killer that revels in blood. It is sort of like a Storm Herald if your element is death, but like a Storm Herald it's a little on the weak side. I'd allow it if someone wanted to play it, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it.
Path of the CometATLAS aeyana Run around and slam into stuff. Like Charger, but strong. Unfortunately a little too strong. +3d6 damage at level 3 is a little too intense, even with the limitations. X This isn't that crazy, and I find it mellows out a bit as time goes on, but it simply slams stuff early on and was too much for my games. I also made cosmic charge 1/short rest during my testing; it's a little much without a cooldown as well. Probably easy to fix with some small tweaks if a player loves the theme.
Path of the Dishonored jameswastaken A Barbarian that is trying to get killed so hard they accidentally kill anything that tries to kill them. Great thematically, not necessarily broken, but too good at some things to the point of being annoying. X I really liked this one thematically, found the Bare Knuckle Brawler too annoying and powerful as a DM (no size limit, too much, too often).
Path of the Dragon KibblesTasty Rage so hard you become a dragon. Balanced. It is sort of like if Battlerager was good and could turn into a dragon (if that makes any sense). Transformation is a theme that makes a ton of sense of Barbarians. WotC seems to agree with their new Path of the Beast; this is quite similar to that, though predates it by quite a lot.
Path of the Gloambound Ganymede425 A Barbarian bound with a ghostly dark spirit of distriburing appearance. It's fairly close, but though Harrowing Presence scales somewhat aggressively, and I'm not personally fond of Con based DCs X It's an interesting idea and mechanic and distinct enough from Ancestual Guardians, but Harrowing Presence is doesn't quite work for me; nothing necessarily wrong with its math.
Path of the Rage Mage Mage Hand Press A Barbarian spellcaster which makes as much sense as that sounds like it would. Not balanced. Like EK it starts out okay and becomes very strong. Spell Fury is a very janky mechanic, and somewhat too strong. X It's sort of an incomplete class, that refers to other subclasses in its features, which is generally a no go from me.
Path of Superiority Mage Hand Press A Barbarian that fights with Superiority dice. Generally too strong, this makes GWM very powerful. X Not balanced. Barbarians and Battlemasters are the two best GWM users. Supergluing them together has predictable results. Also is not really multiclass safe (this + Battlemaster = ???)
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Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
College of Color WildWereostrich A Bard centered painting and the various theme colors. More or less Balanced. Not all colors are created equal, and many of them do not scale that well. It is generally fine; the subclass focuses mostly on the early game, but Bards tend to scale well on their own anyway.
College of Diplomacy Jaekbad A Bard that just wants to talk things out. More or less balanced. It's got a decent balance of combat things and none combat things. I don't love classes that focus on pacifism, as I feel they tend to conflict with the typical party, fortunately this one is fairly balanced in that regard.
College of Lyrical Genius KibblesTasty A Bard with an attitude. Sort of a rapper Bard Balanced. It's mechanics work surprisingly well, and gives a varied Bard playing experience. I don't personally love the them, but some of my players do. I am an old grouch, so that's probably it.
College of the Quill Jaekbad A Bard that would rather write the story than live it. Okay. The flavor often gets in the way of the mechanics. X It's not a bad subclass, but it's mechanics are obfuscated by the fluff, and it tends to lead to confusion.
College of HarbringersCOFSA GenuineBelieverer A Bard that has an unhealthy obession with storms. Balanced. It's got that same oddity that much of COFSA does. X It could work for your game, just found it an odd collection of themes and abilities, not quite what my players were looking for in a storm bard.
College of Marionettes Mage Hand Press A Bard college the plays with puppets. Most of the time the puppets are not the corpses of their dead allies, but that has happened. Not balanced due to the 14th level feature, but easy to fix (by default you can use it to have multiple animated object spells running at once…) The class seems to have an error in Master of Puppets and not be aware that Animated Dead has a casting time of 1 minute; I've changed it to make casting Aniamted Dead with that feature an action (as it only lasts a few rounds); also made it so you cannot stack it.
College of Romance Mage Hand Press A Bard for people that want to act like the steorotype of Bards. Not really balanced. It's not terrible, but it just has a lot of charming, and Likeable has no resource or cooldown (or save) which makes it fairly broken. X Ignoring balance issues (which can be mostly fixed by nerfing Likeable), some people found this subclass to be problematic in theme due to the 14th level ability


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Artic Domain Depressed_monkey3 A frosty themed cleric, perfect for Auril or the like. Balanced. It's fine, though slightly formulic. I really dislike the formatting/busy/noise of the document, but that's neither here nor there in terms of balance. You can use this version for the cleaner image.
Beauty Domain OrpheusL Cleric for Sune and the like, focusing on mesmerzing beauty Balanced. Is more or less fine. I find a lack of this domain a fairly big gap in terms of Pantheon, but understand why not everyone would want to have a Beuaty/Love domain in their game. Be smart about what works for you and your players.
Blood DomainDarkArts Jonoman3000 A cleric that revels in blood and bloody sacrifice. Balanced. It heavily relies on the compendium spells though. X It's fine, but no I longer use the compendium spells, which sort of precludes using it as all of its domain spells are from the compendium.
Far Domain TheArenaGuy A Cleric who worships far afield, and is probably insane. Balanced. It has a decent mix of being a cleric and having new things. I am a little dubious on the logistics of how it works in terms of thelogy, as Far Realm beings aren't quite gods, but 5e plays it pretty fast and loose with what you can be a Cleric of, so who am I to say what makes sense there.
Hope Domain Mage Hand Press A cheerful party member that doesn't understand everyone is doomed. Band Together needs adjustment. I limit Band Together to wisdom modifier/long rest uses, as unlimited uses of during Help into a bonus action with your reaction is a bit much (especially considering it also blesses them). The feature itself is dubiously written.
Judgement Domain KibblesTasty The Judge, Jury, Execution, and Last Rites, all in one. Balanced. It's fine. It's nothing too exciting, but is functional. It somewhat uninspired for Kibbles' content, but functional.
Luck Domain Mage Hand Press A Cleric that relies on luck to get by, tipping the odds here and there. Somewhat undertuned; rolling 2d10s is better than 1d20, but feels sort of the opposite of luck as it produces more consistent results. X There's nothing wrong with it, it just doesn't offer too much to make it stand out. Getting divine Strike but not heavy armor or martial weapons makes it tricky to use.
Night DomainDarkArts Jonoman3000 A Cleric that follows dark gods of the night… intersetingly enough that could be selune or shar, so… Balanced. Does interesting things, and nothing too crazy. Can be used mostly independently from the compendium, only a few overlapping spells.
Sky DomainATLAS aeyana The tempest domain in a good mood. Balanced. Nothing really out of place. I make this a Potent Spellcasting subclass because i think it fits better and helps differentiate it from Tempest Cleric.
Sorrow Domain Yorviing A Domain for those that see suffering in the world and are sad about it – Matyrs, followers of gods of Suffering. Balanced, if somewhat undertuned. The first level feature is mostly a ribbon, leaving them a little empty handed at low levels. I find its theme to be more "he you empathizes with suffering" but it then suggests gods like Cyric or Lovitar, which feels like a bit of a thematic mismatch. Just fluff that can be tweaked though. Do think it could use another first level feature though.
Thievery Domain jameswastaken Keptomancy the religion. Steals metaphysical stuff like spells and conditions. Slightly too strong. Both of the channel divinities are some issues. I allow it, but I've nerfed the ability to seal an inflict conditions, as players exploit the hell out of that. Steal Spell is also a little too strong when used intelligently to target spells like shield or counterspell.
Valour Domain FrostBladestorm To protecting things what War Cleric is to hitting things. Mostly Balanced, though I nerf Bastion of Hope. Other than that it's fine. In the original version, Bastion of Hope was completely busted. Now it's just a little busted. I make equal to Cleric level rather than twice Cleric level.
Witch Domain GenuineBelieverer The line between the occult and divine draws thing. Balanced, perhaps slightly weak, but Cleric is a strong class. X I would probably allow it, but it overlaps too much thematically with an actual Witch (currently I use Kibbles' Occultist for that).


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Circle of the Hybrid NotTheSmoooze A hybrid between Moon and Land. Partially transform and partially gain the benefits. I find it fairly balanced. Remember you are still bound by Wildshape's rules. This one pushes the boundary of balance, particularly with flying speed at 8th level, but hasn't been that big an issue. Creative players may be able to get too much mileage here though.
Circle of the Scale Mage Hand Press A druid that turns into Dragons… sort of. Eh. It actually turns into scaled beasts that sort of look dragons but are actuallly non-moon druid wildshape beasts… until 10? It's power curve is no idea. X It's forms and breath are fairly weak. At 10th it becomes fairly strong briefly, before becoming weak as it outscales that feature. Don't really recommend, though I still want a Druid subclass that turns into a Dragon.
Circle of the Spirits KibblesTasty Channel spirits to become a potent combatant. Balanced, perhaps undertuned. You really want to use multiple spirits and doesn't let you till later on. I believe it's being revised, so this may change in the future.
Circle of the Sun KibblesTasty Channel the power of the sun. Light basically everything on fire. Balanced, though I've yet to see it played by a player that wasn't a pyromaniac. It's an interesting compare/contast to Circle of Wildfire which is a bit more "renewal" focused. This tends to be what my pyromaniac players (which is most of them) want from a fire druid.
Circle of the Unknown AevilokE Turn into horrifying abominations from beyond. Not really balanced. Use with caution. This has changed a lot since I've playtested. X I find that as a DM you let a player turn into a Rust Monster exactly once before you ban this subclass forever.
Circle of the Wind InxSinon A Druid that calls upon the wind. Seems fairly weak. Doesn't really… do a lot. I find it to be a Land Druid's disappointing cousin, and Land Druid is already the dissapoint of the Druid Family. Players were generally confused as to what they were supposed to do. X I'd allow it if someone wanted to play it, but it really feels like it needs more to do; a druid base class doesn't offer a lot, and this doesn't offer much in the way of what to actually do with your action on a typical turn.
Circle of the Woad KibblesTasty Why turn into a bear when you can turn into a tree? A grappling plant druid. Balanced. It's a very solid implementation, but if grappling frustrates you as a DM can be challenging. Oddly named. Like I've noted elsewhere, I give all Large or Larger creatures proficiency Athletics to reduce the power of grappling. Your mileage may vary
Circle of the Vibrant Ocean GenuineBelieverer A Druid that's in tune with the ocean, calling coral to grow across the battlefield. I had issues with it. The Barrier Reef/Coral is very time consuming and will be set up pretty much every battle. The 14th level ability seemed too good as well. X The coral was the main reason I decided to not allow it beyond playtest. It's not incredibly powerful, but it's very involved, while the player decides where to put it and how it changes the battlefield each time. Your mileage may vary.
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Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Arcane Archer(Revised) KibblesTasty An arcane archer revised have Superiority dice (essentially). Balanced, though still in fairly early testing for me. Disclosure: I'm not really objective on this one, as this is a subclass I commissioned from KibblesTasty off is his patreon after a Reddit thread about how the Arcane Archer had potential that it didn't live up to here.
Cavalier(Revised) KibblesTasty Remember when in UA the Cavalier/Knight was fun? This is more like that. Balanced. It's essentially a more defensive Battlemaster with a knack for mounts. I never connected with the XGE Cavalier, it's features are too limited in use to be fun, leaving it mostly just a tank. I quite liked the UA version, but it needed some work… this is that work.
Cut Throat RSquared A Fighter that fights dirty and lives to fight another day. Sort of the opposite of the Cavalier. Balanced. The original Dirty Trick was too good, but that seems to be have been revised since I last had a player play it. I changed Dirty Trick when I playtested, but the verison I used is pretty similar to what it now has, so I'd allow it as is now.
Dancer DrYoshiyahu What it says in the tin. Dancer around and stab things as a Dex/Cha fighter. Probably Balanced. There are a lot of combinations I won't 100% vouch for all combinations of the Dances being reasonable, but they were fine in my experience. Maybe preplan what dances the player will take and see if they seem reasonable to you. I didn't find anything broken. Their names are ridiculous and the art used is what you might expect from the class name, but I am an old grouchy that hates fun.
Devout Jonoman3000 A devout Fighter, they are empowered by the zeal. Balanced. They can add a d6 on hits, which is a little much, but it requires their bonus action and has a sort of anti-synergy with PAM/Shield Master/CBE. I think it's fine, but lacks anything flashy that makes players pick it very often. I feel like it could use something more active or engaging as a mechanic, perhaps. It's almost more like an NPC class with it's supporting feature.
Final Hero Mage Hand Press The anime guy from Final Fantasy with a big sword. That is what this is. Eh… It's fine. Limit Break isn't anything worse than a Samurai or Battlemaster can do. I probably wouldn't allow this if it was up to me, but young whippersnappers like things like this and it's not completely broken.
Frost Wolf Depressed_monkey3 A frost oriented survival tundra fighter that focuses on brutally bringing down their foes. A little much. Pack tactics is an extremely strong feature for games that don't use flanking (which I do not), and the Winter Steel triggers a lot of saving throws and is too powerful for every turn. X It's not outrageous and you could use it, but was a little too strong for me to keep using it, still I like the general theme and idea.
Meteor KnightATLAS aeyana A heavy hitting knight that hits like a meteor. Not particularly balanced. Heavy Hitter and Brace of Impact are both too much for what they are. Heavy Hitting forces them to save or prone on every hit, which has predictably problems, and Brace for Impact is too for a secondary freebie feature. X Even leaving balance aside, having a once/turn save adds a fair bit of rolling. That said, if you average 3-4 turns of combat, it's not really more than a Battlemaster spamming their abilities, so your mileage may vary
Tech Knight KibblesTasty An Artificer/Fighter hybrid, focusing building cool weapons. Not quite balanced. Impact Gauntlets are fine on Artificer, but a bit too much on Fighter. X I allow it in playtest games, but not campaigns. I don't think it was ever finished, so that may be the issue.
Timeless MonumentalCOFSA GenuineBelieverer A Fighter that has be influeced by a timeless ancient place. It's not overpowered. Not quite sure what to make of it though. Feels a little weak. X The flavor is odd for a Fighter subclass. One of the features makes it so hostile creatures cannot move through your space, but they cannot do that normally. In general, it's features are strange, but some people may view that as a plus. Titan's Virtue probably needs a save or limit.


Subclass Creator Description Playtest Feedback I Allow Notes
Way of the Four Elements (Revised) SpiketailDrake A way of the four elements monk that won't feel like your DM is playing a joke on you when you play it. Balanced. This is an old classic. It's not perfect, but it's miles better than the PHB version. I suspect this is the gateway to Homebrew for people, and may be the most popular piece of Homebrew out there. It isn't perfect and could use some more features that were actual features… but it's pretty good and time tested.
Way of the Frozen Fist xpertranger A icy monk focuses on punching things (with ice, as the name implies). Balanced enough. I add a rule that you can only have 1 ice bracer at at time (as otherwise you could get silly AC). I have a strong dislike of floating modifiers (things like temporary +1's to AC) and free extra saves that add extra rolls, and this has a little of both, but its overall fine (assuming only 1 ice bracer at a time, and not unlimited).
Way of Gravitation InxSinon A Monk that manipulates gravity. Balanced. It's fine; occiosionally Gravitational Punches seems a bit much, with no save, but it's knock as strong as Open Hand's knock down. It mostly just does Monk things. Plummet can be a bit much as a free rider, but didn't have too much problem with it. Could get silly with a 50 foot high ceiling as it'd do 10d10 damage in that case.
Way of the Moon Yorviing A Monk that practices lunar magics. Balanced, though I did tweak Moonstruck to have be 1/short rest. Moonstruck being – as far as I can tell – not having a cost or cooldown causes some issues, even with its short duration, as they can just use it over and over. But that's easy to fix.
Way of One Hundred Blows SwordMeow A Monk that punches 20 (or eventually 100) times in a turn. It is obviously not balanced. It is not terribly balanced, but it is an RNG mad house. X I definitely do not allow or recommend it; it's not absurdly broken, just slightly broken and way too random (you blow tons of ki to do 2d100 damage…), but it can be a good bit of fun in a one shot or playtest.
Way of the Sphinx Mage Hand Press A TWF Monk that specializes in scimitars with some sphinx seasoning. Balanced, largely. You can TWF and fluffy with your light weapons, which early game is a little intense as Monks early game flurry damage is already high, but it's not too crazy. Pharoh's Judgement requires some judement to how it works; it doesn't specify you are casting hold person for free; so I assumed no, and that you need to cast it (using ki) at the level of # of creatures you are targeting (so 2 + 1 for each additional creature).
Way of the Soul Knife KibblesTasty A Monk that wields a psionic blade of energy and has force psionic powers. Balanced. The Soul Knife itself is mostly just a fancy quarterstaff most of them, but it can do some neat stuff. It does tie in Kibbles' Psionics. Wasn't sure if I'd include it for that reason, but it does have a standalone version that is fine if you don't use the Psion and its Psionics
Way of the Sumo Mage Hand Press A Monk that throws their weight around, enabling a bit Strength monk approach. Balanced. It doesn't do anything too crazy, gives you som edurability, grappling bonuses, and a little boost at 11th Interestingly it does not actually require you to use Strength, which can end up a little strange thematically, and dexterity will usually be better than strength unless you want to focus on grappling. Could certainly be something more interesting than it is, I feel.
Way of Transcendence TheArenaGuy A monk that wields divine power on their way to englightenment. It's a 1/3 caster Monk, which ends up with an awful lot of resources. X While I played with it for awhile as I want some form of Divine Monk, I think the answer has to be in spending Ki on spells, as a base monk is solid, giving it a spell casting on top of that makes it very little cost to use your cleric spells… and clerics have many very good low level spells.
Way of the VoidATLAS aeyana A Monk that manipulates space and vacuum. Almost Balanced. It's pretty good, besides it has a technique that can Suffocate a target, and the suffocation rules in 5e are somewhat absurd. I allow it, but I change how the suffocate ability works; the problem with suffocating is somewhere between useless and brokenly overpowered, and that makes no one happy.
Way of the Outcast KibblesTasty A monk that's fallen off the wagon and been rolling through the dirt awhile. Balanced. It spends a far bit making Strength monks work, and I feel it could go a bit further, but it's solid. It is sort of like Pugilist light. You want a Pugilist without adding a whole class? Try this. A monk with none of the meditating flavor. What Drunk Master would be if they were actually drunk in a dive tavern.
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I don't have any for Artificer, as I use the Kibbles' Artificer instead of the official Artificer. I've playtested the official Artificer fairly extensively, but don't playtest Homebrew subclasses for it generally. I get more people sending me messages about playtesting alone than I could playtest. That said, if you want to send me something, I will try to look at it, but last time I posted, I was way overwhelmed with messages, far more than I could reply to.

I have provided the compendium name only if I couldn't find a direct link to it. Things with compendium tags and other sources can be found here:

Compendiums & Sources

  • COFSA = Compendium of Forgotten Secrets, which has a free version that can be found here.

  • Dark Arts Compendium is a free compendium that can be found here.

  • Sprouting Chaos is a free compendium that can be found here.

  • ATLAS = All The Lights In The Sky Are Stars (no I don't know how you get ATLAS from that, but that's what the reddit post called it, and can be found here.

  • KibblesTasty's subclasses are compiled on his site found here.

  • Mage Hand Press has a large pool of free stuff on their website here. It should be noted there are literally dozens of subclasses on that site I have never playtested. It has a lot of options, though tends to suffer a little of quantity over quality, but you're a lot better starting there to look for something if you cannot find it in the list above than DanDwiki.

  • Almost everything else is from Reddit, UnearthedArcana and the creators there.

Part 2 should be up tomorrow, but last time I said I'd post this in a few weeks and that took 3 months, so… if we are being honest, there is almost zero chance it'll be up tomorrow. I'll try for sometime during the week. It is largely compiled already, but making a Reddit post and dealing with messages and comments is quite a… lot, so bear with me here.

To be honest, putting this list together took a very large amount of work, and represents quite a lot more work than that. I play the D&D for fun, but share these lists as I hope it helps other people looking for content. Feel free to disagree with me – these are just my experiences and opinions based on those, and I am not infallible. If your favorite creator or subclass isn't on here, feel free to leave your own experiences and review below.

Source: reddit.com

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