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homebrew LMOP sequel – help!

Content of the article: "homebrew LMOP sequel – help!"

OK, so my players have basically finished LMOP and we're entering homebrew territory. Feeling a bit of panic because I have a lot of ideas but don't know how to run the campaign going forwards.

TL;DR: I think I want to send my players on a quest in which they return to Wave Echo Cave, but shifted somehow – either through time travel (perhaps to just before the orc/wizard invasion of the cave), or a planar shift (Shadowfell perhaps?) in which they might reinvigorate the Spell Forge.

Here's the particular corner we've collectively painted ourselves into. The players captured Glassstaff, delivered him to Harbin as a prisoner, but then he escaped. A special election was held for townmaster, Droop the goblin won. This was in part due to the player's support of Droop, and in part due to Halia who wanted Harbin replaced with a puppet she could control.

Just before the election, Harbin had reached out to a dark wizard named Deascus Jarrabrol to improve the jail's magic defenses (a campaign promise that he kept). Deascus shows up later, is enraged that Harbin is gone and is very insulted that he's supposed to deal with a goblin. In his mind, this is a breach of contract. He's a 10th level wizard, and is probably capable of killing the whole party if he chooses – especially with the aid of his golem.

Deascus' plan for jail reinforcement is a clay golem that he has brought, which he will rent to act as guard for 1000gp per month (since they cost 65,000gp to make, I think this is reasonable). But Harbin has disappeared with the town coffers. No one has the money. The wizard is refusing to leave until he is paid at least 1000gp. It's way overkill for what Phandalin needs, but Harbin was never the brightest bulb.

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Not sure where has Harbin escaped to. In any case, not sure he has the 1000 gp.

Maybe Deascus would be interested in something from the spell forge. I'm thinking he wants to build another kind of golem, perhaps an iron golem, but he needs the right spell book. He's also offers repeatedly to rid the town of it's "goblin problem", which makes Droop hide and cower.

Sister Garaele is trying to manage Deascus. She might suggest that the adventurers go on a quest, because they seem to be on Deascus's bad side. Droop might go with them out of fear of Deascus.

Oh, and Gundren has returned with dwarves to resume mining,

Lots of backstory. I'm thinking that maybe Gundren and his fellow miners encounter something strange. A weird glowing doorway. Maybe lots of monsters preventing them from mining.

Halia is scheming too. Not sure what her role in all this is. She's been bringing in Zhentarim agents, but the Spell Forge seems too weak to attract much attention.

So yeah, that's where I am. I think I can BS my way through a session without having a plan, but then am going to have something prepared.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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