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Homebrew Magic Item: Wizard’s Magic Cloth

Any thoughts on the rarity/gold piece value of this item?

Wizard’s* Magic Cloth comes in several sizes, each more powerful than the last.

However, each functions in a similar manner: when draped over a rigid structure to form a small tent, an extradimensional fortress is created, with the entrance that of the tent. The exterior of the cloth gains an armor class of 20 when used in this way, and hit points based on the level of the cloth. The internal space exists in a demiplane tangent to its location in the Prime Material, and the inhabitants can see out into the Prime Material plane to a certain radius based on the specific cloth. However, any attack, spell, or similar action must originate at the point of the tent in the Prime Material Plane (i.e., it must exit through the opening of the tent).

The interior extradimensional space varies in size based on the power of the Cloth.

Wizard’s Least Magic Cloth

  • A six-by-four cloth, similar in size to a child’s blanket, sewn with grey, pastel blue, and soft pink patterns, typically a repeated motif of small castles on green fields with pink skies. When draped over a surface, the cloth gains the following properties:
    • The interior of the tent can accommodate up to six medium creatures comfortably, regardless of it’s external dimensions. The interior resembles a large tent.
    • The exterior gains an armor class of 20, damage resistance to non-magical piercing, slashing, and bludgeoning damage.
    • When found, a Lest Magic Cloth has 45 + 2d10 hit points. If the cloth reaches 0 hit points, it is destroyed and the occupants appear in randomly determined, adjacent spaces and suffer 2d4 force damage.
    • Only the owner may pick up the cloth after it is deployed.
    • The cloth can be repaired by a spell caster with the appropriate tool proficiencies (tailor’s tools) at a cost of 2 gp per hit point restored.
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The remainder of the Cloths include Wizard's Lesser, Greater, and Major Cloth, with similar effects.

*I am both a DM and player in a group of players consisting primarily of medical students, physicians, and scientists. One night, one of the players observed that some brand-named drugs could easily make for good character names, and that you could probably slip "Keppra" into a list of major wizards and it'd fit right in: Tenser, Bigby, Keppra, Mordenkainen, Keraptis, Acererak, et al. So in my campaign, it will likely be named thus. Zosyn, Zometa, Pristiq, etc. If you or a loved one use or rely on any of these medicines, I hope this doesn't come across as inconsiderate or trivializing; please let me know if that's the case and I'll remove this blurb.

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