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Homebrew monster and encounter for a fight against 5 pcs. Thoughts?

Content of the article: "Homebrew monster and encounter for a fight against 5 pcs. Thoughts?"

So I'm running a horror based campaign right now and am creating some monsters and encounters for it. I have no one to talk about the encounter to besides players and that would ruin the fun. So here's an outline of my creation for next session.

The players have just gotten to a town after a harrowing adventure through a cursed forest. Finally able to sleep in a bed my party just crashed in the inn and that's where they left off.

Well the start of the session begins with individual dreams of the party members ending in what sounds to be a womans scream. Ofcourse woken by it. When they go to investigate they find the inn keeper downstairs sitting in a chair and a heavy crossbow pointed at the door,finger on the trigger.

Questioned he replies along the lines of, "it's taken another cow. Hopefully just a cow."

With that he ushers them back to bed. And make sure the windows are closed.

In the morning the party discovers a crowd growing in a nearby field. Surrounding a mutilated man drained of blood. With a bite wound on his meck reminiscent of a lamprey.

Upon questioning the villagers, they learn of a creature that has been terrorising them for the past month, killing any unfortunate enough to be out after dark. Along with their cattle. Followed by a shrill screech like that of a woman or mountain cat.

Fast forward and they will end up talking with the head hunter of the village who is leading a group in construction of a hunting blind in the middle of a cow pasture. Offers the party a bounty on the creature if they help kill it since no one but him in the village is "brave enough" to try.

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They learn the identity of the creature and that it has a paralysing venom in its claws that allows it drain its victims of blood freely.

That night the party joins the hunter in watching a cow chained about 50 yards from the blind to wait for the beast.

Hours of waiting go by and finally a large humanoid creature appears, grey taught skin, huge bulbous eyes that reflect the moon light. And long black claws. That it gingerly pokes into the crowd rump, causing it to fall down paralyzed and it begins feeding.

Thus the battle begins.

Tldr; scary creature attacks town. Party defends , stats below. Along with fight style.

Creatures stats for combat are Ac 18 Hp 260 Movement speed 80feet. Multi attack 2 Claws 2d8s+4dmg With con save 14 or be paralyzed for 1d12 turns.(can re roll con save upon pcs turn.)

Plan to have the creature attack and bound away before rushing in for another attack. If it manages to down a player itll try to take said player away. Along with forcing the party to chase it into the forest where it can easily hide. If the party refuses then the creature will return later on.

This is my current iteration of it and will likely change. Any thoughts or suggestions? I didn't add con or strength stats to it cause I'm still debating on their levels. Parties at lvl 8

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