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Homebrew one-shot · Temple crypt

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I am a new DM, playing a homebrew campaign with my family.

I have played games that work with the D&D rules, but never actually real D&D. My family also have very little experience of it. So it was interesting to get started. I figured that it was something that we could do (especially given the pandemic) and spend some good quality bonding time together.

Our first adventure was to a mine where the party emptied a mine of its goblin presence. I had a basic map made for it, but I ended up throwing it out, because I was finished with it.

My family have been really enjoying it. We transitioned from Simple DND to 5E. Simple DND was useful to get everyone used to the concept of the game (and for me to learn the basics of running a game). Now we are more comfortable graduating to full D&D.

Then I found this subreddit, and I thought that it might be useful to other people to see what I have done. Perhaps use it as a one shot, or take some ideas for their own.

Here is a link to the maps and general description of the areas. There are a lot of scribbles from the play through, a lot of the data is fudged to match with what I thought the party could handle. They managed much more than I gave them. I didn't pay any attention to distance or positioning, once the combat started. In the next mission, I will be using graph paper and paying closer attention to distances.

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Undead have taken over the crypt of a temple, the priests don't understand why and are too afraid to look. In reality, a necromancer has dug into the crypt and is working on the corpses found within, using kobold minions and some other helpers.

It took us about 3 weeks to get through. One session every weekend.

If this is something people are interested in. I'll post the next maps and concept the next time we finish a mission.

Levels synopsis

Temple Surface level

Priest complaining of noises from within the crypt. All are too scared to go deeper than the first crypt room. The doors are closed in the first room.

First level

The doors are closed. The first room is in the top right with the stair case. There is a statue in the center of it. Work benches and cabinets on the walls. The passage ways have sarcophagi against the walls. Two small rooms contain sarcophagi. The bottom left room contains sarcophagi lining the walls. Many of the sarcophagi have been removed. The bottom of this room has a broken wall, which leads to a cave like passageway. The entrance is sealed with a force barrier. This barrier is powered by the presence of undead.

Second level

The tunnel turns to a watch area. The tunnels contain mostly kobolds. There is a kobold tasked with watching the entry way. It may or may not be watching. It might be messing around with coins or other assorted items resting on the table, distracted. Once it notices the players, it will run to the other kobolds to raise the alarm and they will activate the trap. Vents will release poison gas. There are two levers, one on the table at the watch point, and one on the tunnel wall. Mushrooms are growing throughout the cave system. Having at least two mushrooms in the pocket of an adventurer will result in the wolves in the last passage way approaching the party, instead of attacking it. When fed, they will attack with you. They will not follow into the water.

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Putting the boat onto the hand of the statue opens the door.

Third level

Coffins from the crypt have been brought down here through the river system. They are beached on the edge of the pool, and bodies removed. There is a side passage leading to a necromancer lair. There are two kobolds dragging bodies inside the first room. There are two humans working on zombies in the second room. There are also bodies that can be raised. The final room has two zombies and a skeleton and a boss human.

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