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Homebrew Reject magic items

Some of these items are original and some are stolen from others and modded.

I plan on having these items be found in the trash of a powerful wizard's lab.

Bag of Molding: Wondrous Item, uncommon Works exactly like a bag of holding except that biodegradable nonmagical items placed inside start to grow mold within 1 hour and will rot away in 1d4 days turning into compost.

Belt of Humankind: Wondrous Item, rare (requires attunement) While attuned to this belt you gain the following benefits: – Two random stats (to be determined by the DM) each increase by 1, to a maximum of 20. – You have advantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks made to interact with humans. In addition while attuned to this belt you have a 50 percent chance each day at dawn of your hair turning slightly more gray, if you are male you also have a 25 percent chance of male pattern baldness. If you aren’t a human, you also gain the following additional benefits: – If your race has darkvision its range is reduced to zero. – If your race has sunlight sensitivity, it is negated – You can speak, read, and write common. – Spells and other effects that detect creature type will identify you as human

Belt of Imp Strength: Wondrous Item, common (requires attunement) While wearing this belt your strength changes to 6. If your strength is equal to or greater than the belt’s score the item has no effect on you.

Boots of Frolicking: Wondrous Item, uncommon (requires attunement) These boots increase your movement speed by 10. Curse: these boots cannot be removed unless targeted by remove curse or other similar magic. Also you may only move by skipping, jumping, cartwheeling, or other silly walks, making stealthy movement nearly impossible. Any time you make a stealth check relying on movement with these boots subtract 15 from the total. This item has no effect on swimming and flying speeds.

Hammer of Moistness: Weapon (light hammer, warhammer or maul), common
This magic hammer is perpetually wet, and it deals an additional 1d4 cold damage to fire elementals.

Makeup of Venerability: Wondrous item, common This makeup kit takes 10 minutes to apply and has 10 charges. After application the user’s face and hair appear 10 years older. It lasts 8 hours or until the user takes a minute to remove the makeup.

Ring of teleportation: Ring, rare While wearing this ring you may use an action to teleport it to a location of your choice that you are familiar with, or can see. You may only use this ability once per day.

Robe of the Emperor: Wondrous Item, uncommon While wearing these clothes you speak a command word to cause all of the clothing and armor you are wearing to turn invisible for 1d4 hours. You may use this ability once per day. Curse: While invisible your clothing cannot be removed by normal means and any clothing worn on top also become temporarily invisible.

Rod of the Barbarian: Rod uncommon (requires attunement by a barbarian) While holding this rod and raging your spell save DC and spell attack bonus each increase by one and you gain proficiency with arcana.

Let me know what you think. Any other item ideas along the same lines?

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