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Homebrew Rules for storing spells in bottles (Revised)

Content of the article: "Homebrew Rules for storing spells in bottles (Revised)"

Storing spells: Now all full spell-casters (the ones that are able to cast 9th level spells) are granted with a new ability at level 6, the ability to store their spells in magic bottles.

How it works: The player can store any spell that he/she is able to cast and that has cost of one action in a magic bottle, which can be later on used by either the spellcaster or any other player or NPC, without an expiration date, costing an action in combat. The spell counts as if it was casted the creature who opened or broke the bottle

When the spell-caster stores this spell, he or she needs to cast it, using the proper spell slot, materials and components required. Additionally, the bottles are leveled according to the spell levels, with a level one bottle costing 250GP and for each level above 1 costing + 250GP per level. (A lvl 2 bottle cannot store a fireball, for example, but can do that with level 2 or level 1 spells, having the advantages of casting a level 1 spell in a level 2 slot)

When the player has a bottle of an specific level, in case he wants to cast a spell inside it, he is forced to cast this spell using a spell slot that matches the bottle level, for example: a Wizard has a 5th level bottle, if he wants to cast a spell inside it, he needs to use a 5th level spell slot to match the bottle's level, regardless of the spell level he wants to cast, if it's a fireball, it needs to be a 5th level fireball, instead of the standard 3rd level fireball, and if he isn't able to cast 5th level spells, he's not able to use this item, unless it's used to store a cantrip, which would obviously be a waste.

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Level 0 bottles, the ones used to store cantrips have a cost of 100GP

The bottle can only store one spell at a time.

The DC to successfully store a spell in a bottle is 13 + 1 per spell level. A fireball has a DC of 16, for example

The player uses his/her standard spell-casting ability to do that.

In case the player fails the test, the spell can have it's effect applied into the spell-caster and/or any other players around. Ex: A fireball can explode right in the wizard's face in case he fails, If it's a healing spell it will heal him, etc… There are some spells with very specific descriptions, in those cases, it's up to the DM to decide what happens.

The magic bottles weight 2lb, just like any other glass bottle, however, each level of spell casted inside it raises it's weight by 2lb. Ex: a fireball would have a weight of 8 lbs inside a bottle, meanwhile, cantrips have a weight of 1lbs, so a bottle with a cantrip inside it would weight 3lbs. (This is specially handy if you use variant encumbrance)

When a player uses this ability, after storing the spell in the bottle, he/she is granted with a level of exhaustion, which is determined by the level of the spell casted.

Level o exhaustion per level of magic table:

0: No exhaustion

1-3: 1 level o exhaustion

4-6: 2 levels o exhaustion

7-9: 3 levels o exhaustion

The players can also buy those bottles at stores, but they will be very rare and even overpriced, depending on the vendor, that can, sometimes have a monopoly over these things.

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The artificer class has an ability that allows the player to store a level 1 or 2 spell in any item they want, without any cost or downsides, being able to do this between long rests, at level 11. However, this ability will be changed by another ability I created.

Create bottles: The artificer is now able to use the spell gems to create a magic bottle, needing to pass an arcana check, which in case is failed, the bottle instantly breaks. (Now the only way the spell gems work is by assigning them into a glass bottle)

Additionally, artificers also gain the ability to store spells at level 11, even though they are not 9th level spell-casters, and they also have their on table for exhaustion levels:

0-2: No exhaustion

3-5: 1 level o exhaustion

The DC for artificers is also lower, being 12 + 1 per spell level.

Wizards cannot learn spells through magic bottles and spell scrolls and the ring of spell storing are unchanged by this rule.

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