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[Homebrew] Using High Variance dice as a fey based magic item

Content of the article: "[Homebrew] Using High Variance dice as a fey based magic item"

I backed Wyrmwoods dice Kickstarter and part of the reward for backing that is that I get 3 high variance d20s. A bronze, silver, and gold resin die with 3 ones and 3 twenties.

In the campaign I'm dming, I want to use these dice as magic items, or maybe a pact boon for my warlock. My party is currently at 5th level. I want this to feel like a bit of chaos that is introduced to the rolls. If they ever went to the Feywild, anyone not able to adjust to the chaotic randomness would have to make attack rolls with these dice. I really want to capitalize on the craziness these would introduce.

My warlock is a satyr from the Feywild who's patron is called the Friends of the Feywild. So I think it would really make sense for him to somehow use these dice to his advantage. Use some of that fey randomess. Maybe I could replace a pact boon with the ability to force a character to roll using one of these dice, a party member or a villian.

Maybe it could be a gift from the warlocks patron and be similar to the Luxon beacon, where it is a physical powerful magic item that when you interact with gives you a Fragment of Possibility, basically a point of inspiration. But with this item it would give the ability to roll with a high variance die. Maybe there could be some kind of attack mode for it where you could force someone else to roll a high variance die.

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None of the Archfey warlock abilities seem to be replacable by this so maybe that wouldn't work but I just got these really cool dice that I want to implement in a cool and interesting way.

I know a lot of people are going to be immediately opposed to the idea of this high variance d20, but I am going to make it restricted what they can do to the rolls. Like Lucky wouldn't affect it. I have a chronurgy wizard and Chronal Shift wouldn't affect these rolls. Reliable Talent wouldn't affect these rolls. You would be able to add modifiers but any spells or abilities that that would artificially increase the roll wouldn't apply.

So please let me know what ideas you have about using these high variance dice. I'm really excited and want them to be a really cool thing for my players.

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