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Homebrewing a Warlock Pact Boon, and need help choosing between two options.

Content of the article: "Homebrewing a Warlock Pact Boon, and need help choosing between two options."

First off this isn't a complete repost, as I asked the other day regarding one build. Now I'm asking which way to go with a homebrew between two options (and before it was open ended).

So a player wanted elements from both the pacts of Tome and Chain. Asking for something inspired by this

Here's what I have so far, figured I'd see what people think.

Pact of Resolve

The magic of your pact can at times have unnatural effects, one of these is the creation of a creature of resolve. Creatures of resolve shift their forms and abilities.

Select a small creature (for example a rabbit, a cat, a snake, etc). And a mundane object (for example a hat, a book, a bottle, etc.).

The creature has the same type as your pact holder (fiendish, fey, celestial, etc.)

The creature of resolve can on command or at will change between its creature form and its object form, although the object form will always show some elements of the creature (eg. Ears, eyes, a tail, etc.).

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During a long rest you can perform a ritual to change either the creature, object, (* if option 1 – or a spell).

The creature of resolve can not perform attacks, but can act during combat.

The creature of resolve has hit points equal to 1 of your hit-die. Should the creature of resolve die it will reform within 15ft of you 1 week later.

Option 1 –

In addition to creature and object choose a spell from the list below;




Find Traps

Fog Cloud (first level only)


Heroism (first level only)

Minor Illusion

The spells can be cast centered on the creature, and can be used twice per long rest.
You can communicate with your creature of resolve psychically when within sight of each other.

Option 2 –

The creature of resolve is able to communicate with you psychically within a range of 300ft.

The creature of resolve (in both forms) acts as an arcane focus, for the purpose of spellcasting.

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Which option do you think works better?

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