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(Hopefully) Painless Injuries – Devlin’s Distillery Part 3

Content of the article: "(Hopefully) Painless Injuries – Devlin’s Distillery Part 3"


Welcome to Devlin's Distillery, the third part in an ongoing series. I have spent a long time scouring D&D forums to find house rules that are simple and effective. I've taken what I believe to be the best parts of these rules and blended them with my own ideas, and now I'm posting them here, just for you!

This time I'll be looking at a unique system for Injuries that has depth but is intuitive. Slight change in the planned schedule, if you're here from r/CurseofStrahd this is especially for you! (I'm Stick btw)

TL;DR: A pdf of these rules is here. Please don't just comment "I don't use injuries", that doesn't progress the conversation. Debate and constructive criticism is much appreciated though.

The Brief Explanation

When a creature would take an injury, roll d100 + the damage that caused the injury. This is the severity of the injury. Higher result = More severe injury. Large amounts of damage are more likely to results in severe injuries.

Roll a d6 for the location (or the DM can choose if it makes sense)1 – Head, 2 – Torso, 3 – Right Arm, 4 – Left Arm, 5 – Right Leg, 6 – Left Leg.

The time required for an injury to heal depends on the damage that caused it. Magical healing reduces the time required for an injury to heal (healing the injury completely if the time is reduced to 0).

The Logic

Combat is dangerous, unpredictable, random. This injury system reflects that. The harder you get hit, the more likely the injury is to be severe. Most injury tables don't take into account the damage that causes the injury, but this system uses it to represent the severity of the injury, and how difficult it is to heal.

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The system also splits injuries into locations to allow more diverse injuries that make sense.

How to Implement

If you're running a tough gritty game, consider inflicting an injury whenever a creature is reduced to 0 HP. This will make dropping to 0 HP feel dangerous.

Consider also inflicting injuries if a creature takes massive damage from a single instance.

In my game, I've been using this at dramatically appropriate moments, and/or when a player is reduced to 0 HP by massive damage.

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