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Hot Take: Sorcerers should not have spellcasting focuses (or even material components)

Content of the article: "Hot Take: Sorcerers should not have spellcasting focuses (or even material components)"

Magic is a part of every sorcerer, suffusing body, mind, and spirit with a latent power. (PHB pg.99)

Issue: Given that sorcerers, even more so than their wizarding counterparts are the literal embodiment of magic, why should they have focuses?

Solution: I propose instead a small addition to be added to the sorcerer class that reads:



Sorcerer's do not require a focus for their spells. Any material components (including ones with cost or consumption) can be ignored as long as they on the sorcerer spell list.

Now I already see some issues that come up with this:

Wouldn't ignoring the material cost of spells be too powerful?

Firstly, sorcerers are by no means in the running for the most overpowered class within the game, they already have significant drawbacks in the amount of spells they know, limitations with metamagics known ect. ect.

Secondly, this issue is smaller than you would think it is. There are exactly 15 spells in the entirety of the published materials put out by Wizards that both appear on the sorcerer's spell list and require a material cost. For the purposes of this discussion we are going to ignore UA spells as for the most part they fit into the arguments below. This leaves us with 8 spells left (bold for consumed material).

Spell Level Cost
Chromatic Orb 1 50gp
Clairvoyance 3 100gp
Stoneskin 4 100gp
Teleportation Circle 5 50gp
Circle of Death 6 500gp
True Seeing 6 25gp
Plane Shift 7 250gp
Gate 9 5000gp

I would argue that the non-consumed material costs are not too game-breaking to ignore. Importantly, they are not incredibly costly purchases at the levels they have to be made at and once a player has the material it simply works with no ongoing cost.

The consumed costs do add a bit of power to a sorcerer's ignoring of material components. However, the cost for trueseeing is minimal, and I'd argue giving sorcerer's the ability to cast Stoneskin and Teleportation circle without material costs will not break the game and even give the class a bit more of a raw magic feel.

What about Divine-Soul Sorcerers and multiclassed characters? Resurrection spells without costs!?

I would agree. Wizards have clearly attempted to make a cost to bringing a player back to life and that design should not be ignored. I would say a simple fix is to have the spells acquired from another class require a focus and the sorcerer spells not. With divine soul treat the imported cleric spells as non-sorcerer spells. Not an elegant solution but an easy enough one.

Thoughts? Scathing Remarks?

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