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How a god causes chaos with only 1 action

Content of the article: "How a god causes chaos with only 1 action"

Be me, Danak, God of Mischief and Shopkeepers

Have cool magic shop that i expand with items i make

Got this cool magic purse that can store souls

Make a ring that contains a pocket dimension for some gods that retired

Have 3 wives and 2 sons, one is a literal copy of me and the other is a Wizard with incredible powers

Fortune teller says shit will happen with me bc of my Wizard son

Immediately uses action to clean mind of my son and tosses him into some random village up the north


Discover some years later that he entered a sanctuary and made some weird shit, destroying a village by the north

That was the capital, he cursed everyone there


He was excomungated and forced to live in a prison island for deceased people from the curse that he set upon land


He starts learning necromancy and gets a wife and a shit ton of sons and daughters

Eventually turns into a proper lich


I help some guys to catch him and imprison his soul in a sanctuary with the power of sealing time

Everythings well when it ends well

Fast Forward 500 years, some new people enter the island and start a quest, i sell some shit to them as a welcome gift

They start collecting fragments for a ritual to some dude

Seems alright

He uses the stones to unlock the sanctuary where time was stopped

He's one of my great-great-great-great-grandsons

These fuckers made a whole city in that prison

Proud grandpa

They immediately use their powers to revive my son

Not so proud now

They are interrupted in the middle of the ritual

By a dragon that the adventurers lured into the lair

With the interruption of the ritual, the soul gets corrupted


Demi-Lich with Demi-God Powers is created

This is fine.png

The adventurers manage to catch my great-great-grandsons² and kill the dragon

Sacrify my magic shop to reduce the power of my son

Sad life

My son is killed for sure this time and the adventurers are remembered as heroes

Until they die and their names are forgotten

I still miss my magic shop

Fast Forward 1000 years

Be happy, new magic shop with my other son

LG, lifes good

The prison island is now a school of magic, there are even Chronomancy and Space Magic Wizards there

Shit starts to happen, im forced to enter a Portable Dimension

Forget to take my Portable Dimension Ring when i entered


Half the island got destroyed and i am the only thing remaining there

Grandsons remember me and say to everyone that i was the origin of the explosion

Fucking fortune tellers man

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