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How a player petrified himself

Content of the article: "How a player petrified himself"

>Be me, the DM

>Be not me, a party of ragtag adventurers doing their best to fight against opression of an evil lord

>they were all wronged by him in he past

>especially the druid

>he was in love with a medusa, but she was killed after the lord put a bounty on her head because he hated 'monsters'

>the druid took one of her eyes as a reminder and put it inside a special magic amulet

>they still had the petrification powers, basically allowing him to cast Flesh to Stone once per day

>he didn't want to dishonor his lover's memory by using it on common rabble, and swore that he would only use it on the evil lord himself as a way of poetic justice

>pretty cool I guess

>come an important battle that the players completely botched

>by this time I forgot about the eye

>the fighter is down and no one else is in a state to fight

>the lord marches his army into a city that resisted him, intent on making some examples

>the party wants to retreat, but druid is thinking

>he passes me a note while doing his best puppy eyes

>I do my longest 'hmm' ever

>'Are you sure you want to do that?'


>Alright I guess

>He wild shapes into an eagle and flies above the evil lord, until he is spotted and archers start shooting

>I roll five attacks, but only one hits


>the druid has his turn, he flies right above the evil lord

>about 100ft drop (I honestly cannot judge distance properly)

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>'I aim for the lord and end my wildshape'

>'As an action, I pull out my lover's eye and look deep into it, remembering her'

>now normally, he should make a Con save over five turns, but…

>just as his body is turning into stone, he raises his fist forward (or downward?), raises a middle finger and smiles at the eye in his other hand

>I describe his fist hitting the lord in the face, tearing off his jaw and half his face

>the druid breaks into thousand pieces as he hits the ground

>only his head remains intact as it rolls away from the lord's dead body, a smile on his face

>players cheer

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