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How are the classes seen in your games, or what factions are there to represent them?

Content of the article: "How are the classes seen in your games, or what factions are there to represent them?"

One thing I like about SCAG was that it mentions different factions or what kind of things the classes might be doing in the Faerun. I believe having something represent what a class looks like in a setting is important, and changes how it is seen to the players intending to play them. I'm interested if there are any factions or groups representing some of these classes in your games, and what they are like. Some classes might work very differently in other settings (flavour-wise not mechanically), or are visually different in some way.

Similar to other posts I've done in the past, I'll provide a few examples and ideas I've have on the subject! I'm working on a setting at the moment, though I've only done so much (some of these ideas are from the setting while others are just something I came up with or saw somewhere else). Hopefully I'll finish it one day for a table!

  • I've just started working on Monks for my setting, so it seems fitting to start with it! Gods are only able to imbue divine energy into the world and their servants every few hundred years. Some of these Divine Servants (Celestials, Devils, and Fey) heavily rely on this energy to keep them alive or in power, so they have learned how to conserve or use any energy to the maximum efficiency (like a lightbulb not radiating any heat and only light). Mortals who have lived among or used by the Divine Servants have learned of this ability, being able to conserve their life force, and use this reserve of energy (Ki) to do superhuman feats. I personally haven't done too much with the specific factions for this class, but it gives you a much more different feeling for the class when they are descended by mortals living with or being used by divine beings.

  • Magic interacts with everything like physics, and Bards notice how this interacts with people or creatures. Either through hard study with a master, a special gift at birth, or special circumstances, Bards notice how magic faintly interacts with beings, and is able to replicate the effects with greater power. As an example, a storyteller might see how happy people are after a good tale, notice the magic in the air change due to the mood, and later replicate this with greater power to create Cure Wounds.

    • Papers of the Wind was a faction focused around providing ideas to the public. Multiple groups split up from its death, each with their own methods or goals based off it. Torn Pages is a group that believes information should be given to those with enough power or determination, giving these gifts to those who throw themselves at challenges, like finding a spellbook in a dungeon. Muddy Trails provides important news everywhere through different mediums (newspapers, poetry, rumours, etc.), and actively seeks to provide this or uncover it in areas where it isn't allowed.
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Edit: Another faction that encompasses more than one class (though Rangers are particularly notable) is the Alliance of Hunters, an alliance between multiple groups that each specialize in hunting or dealing with certain creatures. Think about it like an alliance between the Belmonts of Castlevania (Vampire Hunters) working with Goblin Slayer (instead as a group), the only difference is that this is just two of the many different groups within.

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