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“How are we still alive” cut episodes: Sir Reginald The Wise

Content of the article: "“How are we still alive” cut episodes: Sir Reginald The Wise"

One of the cut episodes from this post: https://www.reddit.com/r/DnDGreentext/comments/kn8om9/how_are_we_still_alive/

>Be me: elf monk trying to have good morals

>Be not me: a dragonborn paladin with superiority complex and tiefling bard/warlock of Yog-Sothoth multiclass prophesized to end universe (this be before wizard showed up)

>Be in the city deep in the mountains

>City is governed and protected by dragons


>I decide to go for magical item shopping with Paladin

>Bard gets bored, decides to pull prank

>Has a disguise kit

>Has a proficiency with disguise kit


>"I am Bard no longer. I am Sir Reginald The Wise."

>Goes out into the city and hangs out in the tavern

>We come back

>Sir Reginald: "Ah excuse me but your companion has departed and asked me to tell you that."

>Immediately suspect Sir Reginald is Bard

>I do Insight check

>Bard rolls nat 20 deception

>"I am Sir Reginald The Wise"

>Paladin does Insight check

>Bard rolls nat 20 deception

>"I am Sir Reginald The Wise"

> Ask the goddamn tavernkeeper who this person is

>Tavern Keeper rolls nat 1 on the insight

>"Mmmmmmmm, yes. Sir Reginald The Wise is indeed made out of Sir Reginald The Wise."

>Still dont believe its not Bard because he has fucked with us in character too much

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>Go to city hall to talk to dragons

>Dragons:"Ur magical mirror is a portal to the Abyss that can be opened by a fork you previously enchanted with help of the Elder god Harry."

>Suddenly alarms go off

>Go outside

>Sir Reginald The Wise is falling

>Pulls out magical pineapple with Wish spell charges that like to fuck you over


>He wishes to go invisible

>Invisible is cast but only on clothing so he nakey without disguise


>Dragons see a magical wish granting pineapple


>Dragon tries to wrestle magical pineapple out of naked Bards hands

>Bard rolls nat 20 on contested strength


>This time manages to word things correctly and use wish spell to teleport away

>Goddamit Sir Reginald The Wise

Source: reddit.com

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