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How can I DM with an inconsistent party?

Content of the article: "How can I DM with an inconsistent party?"

I want to start right off the bat by saying this is not a bad party at all. My players are actually cool, we're friends outside of the game, have inside jokes and all, no "That player" story nor "This situation" kind of thing. They're good and I enjoy playing with them (hopefully) as much as they enjoy my dming.

However, I did notice some of my players are more into something than others… for example, exploration, culture, lore. Nothing inherently bad about this yet, except for when I plan an exploration session and, say, the exploration lovers can't assist. I've played many times with fewer than the whole party, we just put some in different situations or tasks in the meantime to not roll with those players yet not make them disappear completely.

The thing is, this is now a session where the ones who don't completely enjoy it are living the ones who can't assist's dream… if it makes sense? And, while I'm pretty sure they don't feel it like a chore, it's just a planned session thrown to the garbage.

Or let's say I make a combar oriented session and the ones who like it can't all make it, yet the ones who rather RPing can and now they're stuck in a combat oriented session.

One of my ideas was making in-between sessions or "filling" sessions for players when the whole party isn't there to continue the main quest. So far, for situations where the whole party isn't there and we pause it in the middle of something, we just wait until, at least the ones involved in it, are available again before playing.

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The thing is, fillling sessions might come out as annoying or boring as they sound… you know, Naruto filling? Where nothing actually happens and you don't necessarily enjoy the time you wasted watching it? I know I could make something cool for my players but the fact that it isn't advancing the plot at all might be disuassive, right?

How could I do this? A session for my players to play in without advancing the main plot yet not making it boring af… Is is a viable solution for in-between sessions?

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