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How can I make my players care at least a little bit more?

Content of the article: "How can I make my players care at least a little bit more?"

It seems my players just don't give a fuck. I'll give two examples, one from me describing something, with their response, and one of my players revealing something, and their response.

The players have retrieved items to help save a forest. They place the items on the ground and I say: " The roots from the tree start to move and grow, coming up from the ground and wrap around the two items. It gently pulls them into the ground and after a brief moment, the items reappear in the branches going into the two separate knots. After a moment of silence, you hear this giant boom as a green ring aura quickly disperses from the tree, and as you instinctively cover your eyes, the aura hits you like an incredibly strong wind, and it hits you back a few feet. Upon looking again, there is this bright green beam of light coming from the tree going into the infinite sky above you. The tree starts growing… and growing… and growing. It seems to endlessly grow until it stops. Then another boom, and the same green ring of aura blasts again knocking you back even more, and the beam of light is gone. At this point, you can guess it’s around 500 feet tall and the diameter of it has increased tenfold."

Their response was either nothing or "That could be used for a lot of fire wood" or "Well, I hope we get paid" or some shit like that. They achieved a great accomplishment and it seems like they don't care at all.

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The other example is one of the players revealing a new flying snake familiar. The main response was: "why the fuck do you have that" and "who the fuck cares". It was something that player wanted to have for a while and I don't know how the player felt, but I definitely would be offended.

I am going to talk to them about this next game, but I want to know how I should go about this, what I should say, and how to prevent or reduce it in the future. Because right now, it just seems like anything major that would happen just doesn't really matter or the response to it is far different to what I'd hope.

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