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How can I subtly hint that my player’s patron isn’t evil?

Content of the article: "How can I subtly hint that my player’s patron isn’t evil?"

One of my player's characters, Michael, is a cleric of war. He's a strange construct made in the shape of an angel and he's powered by a collection of four souls that were merged together to form his personality.

He's had powers for a long time, but didn't know where they came from until recently. Turns out his god is actually an insane artificial intelligence located deep beneath the ground that stalks anyone who knows about it and abducts those who says its true name (which he doesn't know yet).
This machine-god has recently gained an interest in Michael with it sending a magical trident up to him.

Michael also received an enigmatic dream after receiving the trident where he was approached by an biblically angelic figure who offered to work with him further. He took up its offer.
This angel, Metatron, is another construct like Michael made by the god-machine but is higher in the hierarchy than him. He's going to act on the god-machine's behalf and be a guide for Michael.

Michael so far is rather dreary about this revelation and believes that he's going to be assimilated into a mindless automaton at some point by his god-machine and Metatron. Although he can't easily run from it as they give him his power.
But little does he know that Metatron is on his side.

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Metatron is different from many other servants of the god-machine in that he has a hidden agenda of eventually destroying his master. He believes that the god-machine is too dangerous for its own good. But Metatron can't destroy it on his own, so he looks for individuals like Michael to help him.
Metatron keeps on an enigmatic businessman like demeanor (think G-man or the twilight zone narrator) and doesn't overtly let anyone know his plans as that may lead to his destruction by the god-machine or other angels.

How can I let Metatron subtly hint to Michael of his motives and ultimately good intentions without saying it directly?

Cleric finds out his god is an insane AI and gets sad about it. He's contacted by a servant of the god-machine who offers to work with him and he accepts. This servant secretly wants to destroy his master, but can't directly say so out of fear of destruction. How can I subtly hint that this servant, Metatron, has good intentions?

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