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How can I use this character background prop I was given?

Content of the article: "How can I use this character background prop I was given?"

First off: if you're in a party that's on their way to a place called the Cave of Bones after rescuing someone named Gavin, don't read!

So it's been almost a year ago now that me and a few friends started our homebrew campaign that involves the world possessing a moderate amount of magic, lots of religions/deities, and your semi standard "medieval fantasy" (with some Witcher inspired notions) setting. Our group is pretty roleplay heavy in that they certainly want to discover backstories (both their own and others) and upon getting things together to start this whole (mis)adventure, the group's elven cleric had this "rp prop" of a journal put in that was given to her by her mentor- a human woman that served as a healer. This healer never stated where she came from or how she learned what she did in all the time she spent with the cleric character; however, after this mentor passed not very long ago, she did leave the cleric her journal.

Now, figuring that I wanted this mentor to be of a key character potentially down the line (perhaps for some over-arching plot or simply to a personal plot to the cleric), I didn't want all of her "secrets" spilled simply by having this journal be read- more like… decoded? All that was told to the cleric when the journal was given was simply that "she would know what it would all mean when the time came" (this was prewritten in her background, which I was A-OK with!)

I figured since we wouldn't be diving into personal quests and backgrounds right out the gate, I'd have some time to think on it and come up with some ideas or plans for it but (admittedly) I've been overwhelmed with other things simply as just learning how to DM, play D&D itself (we're all pretty new to it), and of course the usual things that come with throwing a campaign of any length or range together. Now that I've realized just how long it's been, I obviously don't want to keep having it off to the side and untouched, but I've not really figured out her mentor's backstory yet either (just some base ideas). So I would love if some thoughts about this healer's journal could be thrown at me! Especially in the way of some great big "secret" potentially, as one thing I had noted when the journal was looked at in character was that there were many symbols and such, as well as First Elven writing (which is essentially a dead language that can't be learned/deciphered by mere minds).

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Any ideas, big or small, would be wonderful to help me kind of jumpstart myself. I think I just need help getting over the "bump" to get me rolling since there's obviously a 100 different ways it could be taken. I'd especially love to hear suggestions in what you, as a character, might want to explore or find from such a thing were you in this cleric's shoes. For a big of background: the village they resided in is apart of a grand forest that elves are known to reside in within a primarily human nation, they're often left alone and sometimes highly regarded, they worship the set elven gods (loosely), and currently the village is (ironically) handling a sickness that befell them (however, the cleric's unaware thus far that it is magic based via a corruption of nature from one of the minor bad guys in the campaign).

Thank you for reading and for any advice or thoughts you can give! Hope you're all staying safe and well. <3

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