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How D&D brought two former lovers back together

Content of the article: "How D&D brought two former lovers back together"

Hello everyone, I am a huge fan of All Things D&D and I thought about sharing this wholesome story that has come out of these hard times. Thought it would also be nice to share it with a general D&D channel as well.

I'll give a little background before I continue with the story. My ex and I had broken up six months ago, but fortunately she and I started talking and hanging out with each other again. She also really loves D&D, but she rarely gets to be in a campaign since she lives outside of the town I live in.

One day, she asked me if we could do a Duet together. Now, it's important to mention what that is. In simplified terms, a Duet is a D&D campaign where only two people play. In this case it's the Dm and a PC. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to give it a shot as I believed that this could give us an opportunity to get the satisfying D&D experience and bond together. Before starting the campaign, we spent an hour or so creating her character, A high elf rouge named Thia Liadon, who is a princess of a kingdom. She always loved playing as a rogue, and is obviously proud of the character that we created together.

The first few sessions were simple enough, she would do stuff like sparring with some knights in a little tournament; which she lost, going out shopping with her mother in the nearby town where she met up with her secret lover, a drow bard named Elkor.

In a chance encounter with animated armor in the forest she wondered into, Thia was forced by the construct into a nearby cave which contained a large shrine with a smell gem in the center which was identified as a phylactery. The suit of armor detected Elkor, who had been trailing them, and Thia prevented it from attacking through a few persuasion checks. With Elkor accompanying them they started to approach the shrine, but the artifact; sensing the trespassers, summoned several ghouls from the earth to attack. It was a long hard fight, the animated armor was destroyed by the ghouls leaving only Thia and Elkor to fight the remaining undead. The two of them quickly dispatched the rest of the ghouls and went to inspect the phylactery. Tragedy quickly struck as Thia and Elkor made perception rolls, and the latter rolled a nat one.

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This was where the campaign pulled a complete one eighty.

Suddenly the gemstone levitates into the air, a shadowy bolt emerged from it enveloping the talented drow in an ethereal aura before the phylactery crumbled to dust. The elven princess begged him to fight it but Elkor succumbed to the nercromantic powers, his last words saying that he loves her and telling Thia to run. The princess does exactly that as the cave starts crumbling around her and she makes it out, staring at the caved in entrance for what feels like ages in a very catatonic state. Eventually Brimayr, the head of the royal guard, and a squadron of guards found the princess and brought her back to the castle.

She finds herself back in her room where her lover's mandolin is waiting for her, seemingly possessing some magical power. Thia, seeking to get to the bottom of what has happened to Elkor, finds out her mentor; an elderly wizard named Elias. He retells the legend of Aasmir, an ancient Lich that seeks to bring chaos to the land, waging war against the ancient Elf Empire alongside an ancient Red Dragon named Asgad. Eventually Aasmir was defeated and his remaining vessel resided in an unknown cave where it was watched over by the disembodied soul of an elvish warrior, waiting until the right time came for the phylactery to be destroyed.

The princess remembering thag Brimayr was heading off to a nearby town that was being besieged by a Red Dragon, sets off on a quest alongside the Dwarf fighter. Armed with several magic weapons, Thia is on her way to travel with Brimyr. On their adventures they get captured by and eventually escape from bandits while killing their captain, recruiting two other adventurers; a Lizardfolk Barbarian named Riyva and a Kenku Bard named Chuckler, in the same town they find it to be occupied by a cult that is being led by Thia's father, and destroyed a labyrinth mended by magic that was created by a Mindwitness, and as the last stretch they fight off goblins, bully wags, and other creatures before they find themselves at their destination.

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At this town they encounter one of Brimayr's friends, a human Sorcerer named Aesteyo who appears to be in his mid to late twenties. He tells the dwarf and his companions to get some rest before they meet up to discuss the threats that need to be dealt with before they focus on the dragon. Throughout these adventures, Thia plays the mandolin which allows her to relive her memories with Elkor, but it obviously has important significance for the Lich that has been briefly glanced at throughout the sessions.

That night, the lich visits her while she is in the middle of a bath. Of course she was met with the familiar face of Elkor who instead of being full of life is now decayed and lifeless, as if his very soul has been destroyed and replaced with something else. Thia while in the bare nude escapes through the window onto the roof, the lich follows unimpeded. The lich manages to grab onto her, dragging her to the edge, she attempts to fight back but is unsuccessful. The body of her former lover dangles her over the edge while gripping her by one leg demanding to know where his other half is. Thia refuses to tell him and for that she is dropped. Thia screams, unable to do anything. As she is about to hit the floor; she wakes up, still in the bath. She finds her room ransacked, indicating that someone has indeed been in her room as she was bathing and fortunately they haven't found her lover's mandolin.

A couple of in-game days go by where Thia investigates the town for the cult, which is relevant to the current topic, but after a while the PC decided "I'll go ahead and see if I can seduce Aesteyo". In her words, allow Thia's weakness to come into play. She wanders into the general's tent and long story short he ends up seducing her instead and they are both in bed together. After a while of roleplaying she asked what's Aesteyo's secret and he answers "I'm actually a silver dragon". At this the PC was genuinely surprised and was bright red, yes this also happens in character as well. So now there is this relationship going on with a high elf in her mid one hundreds and a polymorphed silver dragon in his ancient years. Never thought I'd say that in one sentence.

After a session one night, I was driving my ex home and I ask her "Are we a thing again?"

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She pauses and answers "I don't know."

For a couple minutes no other words were spoken as I drove in the quiet night. At last I ask as I look at her "Do you want us to be a thing?". Again she pauses and finally replies, "Yes." At that; I smiled, kissed her on the cheek and took her to get ice cream. That was the best night of 2020 for me, and I promised we will always have D&D in our lives together.

P.S: This campaign is still ongoing, I might dive more into the story of Thia and Aesteyo as well as the overall plot if people are interested. Hope you enjoyed

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