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How do I actually start playing DnD?

Hello! Before we start, small disclaimer: I've never played dungeons and dragons. I've tried to get involved before (school rpg clubs and the like), but I was only met with condescension and gatekeeping. It stopped me when I was an insecure and highly anxious teenager, but now I have friends that I truly want to share this game with. For someone's who's never been able to play dungeons and dragons, I ingest a lot of DnD media (Dimension 20 being the most prominent, but NADDPOD and TAZ are up there too) and I've been able to get a few of my friends to pick up an interest just by caffeine-fueled rants about character development and sheer willpower. I have five close friends that I practically live with, and we've formed a sort of family in the midst of this pandemic. They're really supportive of my interests and they've all told me that they'd love to play DnD with me, but none of them know anything about it, so they're relying on me to put the work in and make a dream come true here. The only problem is that I have no idea where to start.

After everything, I'm still nervous about talking about my 'nerdier' interests, even to other people who share them, but I finally worked up the courage to at least ask for help, so here we are. How did you start playing DnD? Do you have any advice for me as a first time player/new DM? I have the player handbook, dungeon master's guide, and monster manual, but how do I run a real campaign? What should I tell everyone to prepare or get before we play? How do freakin dice work? There are so many! I have a ton of questions and so much to learn. My initial plan was to start with the Essentials Kit and suck my friends in through character creation, but eventually I'd like to homebrew a campaign for us. The nice thing is that we're all beginners, but I'm still worried about my ability as a DM and I really don't want to accidentally ruin this for them. How do you manage a homebrew, or a complex campaign? Have you ever felt insecure about your stories? I don't have anyone that I can talk to about this stuff, but I'm trying really hard to figure it out. I'm starting to feel like I'm asking an older sibling for life advice, but the least I can do is not overthink it. I'll take any help you're willing to offer, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Additional disclaimer: I've never posted to reddit before and I obviously don't know a ton about playing DnD, so if anything here looks or sounds wrong, please let me know! I'm here to learn.

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