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How do I deal with a quiet player when other party members are becoming frustrated with him?

Content of the article: "How do I deal with a quiet player when other party members are becoming frustrated with him?"

I realize the main advice people give is to understand that there are different types of players (tacticians and audience members etc.) And as long as they are all having fun, then things are alright.

The issue I have is that this audience member (who is new to DnD) that has begun to piss off half of the group, they are becoming incredibly frustrated by the lack of engagement of the other half of the group, but one guy in particular because unlike the other guy, he CHOOSES TO DO NOTHING when the DM prompts him.

For example:

  • In my group, two people attempt to RP sometimes and are quite involved. They do 95% of the speaking and interaction when I do not prompt anyone else to speak. This one player does not provide input, they don't ask questions. One time we were in a scene where I asked him on 3 separate occasions in the span of 10 minutes what he is doing during the scene and he kept saying he would do nothing and just stand there.

  • After an unproductive sandbox chapter, we had a talk and they basically asked me to throw the main story at them, which I did, to the player in question. I gave him an item that would further the main story. Even though everyone knew that this character had information to drive the story forward, he refused to reveal the information to others so people had to RP in character and pretend that they didn't know the main story point. When I asked him what he was doing during the scene, he said he would just do nothing and watch. This really pissed the group off because he was essentially forcing people to make things up and he delayed the real story even though we had a time crunch. Anger was further exacerbated by the fact that this player was not providing any RP or dialogue during this forced denial of info.

  • At another point, this player chose not to do anything throughout an entire heist scene after I prompted him to tell me what they were doing. At the most crucial point in that scene, he did something so stupid that he basically called the cops on on of the PCs and ended the session/heist (not on purpose, but everyone was dumbfounded at why he would do such a thing). All plans were in shambles and we had to end the session and wait another week.

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How do I handle a situation like this? We are all good friends, I don't think he is intentionally fucking things up.


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