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How do I fix my players?

Content of the article: "How do I fix my players?"

Hey all! So I'm starting a new campaign soon that I'm very excited for. It's set in Eberron, and takes place in Sharn!

Thing is, some of my players (3 of the 4 to be precise) are very new. They often think of D&D in terms of video games and this has… some drawbacks. They do the objective that's immediately in front of them, they don't get creative, they don't think up anything new. This is hard for me because I'm a new DM and I kinda rely on my players knowing how to the dungeons and the dragons do.

Example. I'm making a quest right now that will involve the party protecting a merchant. If they protect him but not his merch, an axe will be stolen and they'll be told to track it down. If they protect him and his merch, the assailants will contact them a few days later and tell them the axe he was selling is evil and they want to get rid of it so everyone can be safe. They'll ask the party to do a heist to steal it since they, as goblins and gang members, aren't welcome in the lofty district its currently in.

Pretty cool setup right? Thanks, I'm proud of it too! But there's one issue. The second their objective becomes "go do a heist", one of them will look at me and say "Okay let's go do the heist". No preparation, no scouting the place out. In their minds, there's a big old quest marker so why shouldn't they go there?

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At one point my player who was playing a monk was trying to figure out if there was a demon in a house. So he said "I'd like to channnel my energy to see if I can find him." I said no because… I hadn't really had someone say that before and didn't think monks could do that.

There's just a disconnect between the options available to them as players and what they can do. They either don't know that their characters can do some really creative stuff you couldn't do in a videogame, or the stuff they want to do is so disproportionate to their character's capabilitiies that I have a hard time figuring out how they even would do it.


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