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How do I handle law and order now that my player has been thrown into jail?

So here's the story: we're halfway through Ghosts of Saltmarsh. One of my players' PCs used to be a pirate from the hold of the Sea Princes south of Saltmarsh, and was raised with a much different outlook on justice than those in the civilized world (in this case, Saltmarsh and the kingdom of Keoland). He is also the de facto captain of the party's ship, and takes that role very seriously. The party is just returning from a two week trip at sea (Chap 4: Salvage Operation), and at one point during the voyage, one of my other players tried to poison the captain (they've since been kicked from the group, as they were causing several issues at the table). When the PC found out, he had her strapped to the front of their ship, where she eventually drowned on the voyage back to Saltmarsh. As they were nearing port, the rest of the party urged the captain to remove the body (I had also mentioned ooc it probably wasn't a good idea). He refuses, saying that he needs to send a clear signal to all not to try to kill the captain of a ship. Once he's in port, the captain of the guard – who knows the party and their deeds quite well at this point in the campaign – is quickly summoned to the docks by his men. I had hoped my player would attempt to bs him and CHA roll his way out of an awkward encounter, but he ends up telling the captain of the guard straight up that he executed that person.

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So now I'm in a situation where the captain of the guard has a body AND a confession. Ooc, my player insists that nearly a week and hundreds of miles out to sea puts him well outside the borders of Keoland and by extension the law, so he therefore is the judge, jury and executioner. He says that's how it was done "in those days" and the same logic applies here. I've already made up my mind that – at a bare minimum – his PC is gonna be in jail for a long, long while simply for having the audacity to confess to the captain of the guard that he killed someone and is proudly displaying it for all to see. But what about my player's argument that "in those days", justice was whatever the captain of a ship said it was in international waters? How can I be just and fair while addressing his argument?

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