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How do I introduce as well make an important,diverse and legendary hub feel…Awe inspiring

Content of the article: "How do I introduce as well make an important,diverse and legendary hub feel…Awe inspiring"

Hey guys, Your friendly Monster DM here. So I'm running a monster campaign, and for a good chunk of the last few months they've been fighting off hordes of monsters in a brutal slaughter fest in a "survival of the fittest" baptism, fighting their way through numerous tough monsters and almost perishing several times in the process. They've finally been "baptized" as of last session. Thousands if not tens of thousands of monsters lie dead, with but a few thousand if not a few hundred remain. Finally the ceiling opens, dim light shines into the pitch black room, seeming almost blinding. And they meet the first NPC to guide them to their new life. Thats what has happened so far

Now next session we begin our introduction to whats above them, why they're here and all these other lore details. To make a long story short, the campaign itself i've taken great inspiration from warhammer. This campaign I was going for a "Skaven feel" the current city they were being introduced to is equivalent to The Legendary City of Skavenblight. One of the largest and only sources of Diverse monsters all gathered together. Ruled by a council of…13 of which there are only 8 right now. Which actually was a complete accident. Of course with the line up, 8 monster lords, and I plan on the players taking up the rest. That aside…I wanted this city to feel strange, grand and mysterious. We've got Undead, Giants, Plants, Oozes, Monstrosities, Abominations, various monstrous humanoids, etc. All living in some form of co-harmony, with this ancient kingdom capital sunk into the ground all those years ago being divided up into quadrants each quadrant having it's own blend of culture, and take the destroyed buildings and landscaped shaped to the betterment of each "Clan". Each clan having a certain charge such as, War Beasts, Core-Technology(monsters develop cores which is also used as currency and technology and for a more warhammer touch the equivalent of warp stone), Assassins, Torturers/Sages/(the psionics), etc. The city itself hiding some numerous secrets, and numerous treasures. I planned on them only being here for a short period of time, but bringing them back later here and there when the story demands it.

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Now I've got all these thoughts all this set up…But I don't actually know where to even BEGIN to introduce it or even how! Thoughts?

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