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How do I properly use Kobold Fight Club for balancing dungeons?

Content of the article: "How do I properly use Kobold Fight Club for balancing dungeons?"

Hey everyone, first time DM here.

I've seen a lot of people talk about Kobold Fight Club to balance encounters and tried it to help balance encounters for my campaign. https://kobold.club/fight/#/encounter-builder

From what I understand, when you build an encounter, the Adjusted XP is to compensate for group tactics (multiplier based on how many monsters vs how many players). Is that correct?

I am running a party of 5, starting LV1 (currently LV2), for a campaign that is a mix between Lost Mine of Phandelver and Dragon of Icespire Peak. I tried running encounters in those books through KFC to see how they would be rated as my players had a hard time running through Cragmaw Hideout (goblin cave, first dungeon of LMOP), and I had to fudge rolls for my monsters to avoid getting a TPK right at the start and raise their morale (though I feel my players did take some bad decisions based on bad communication and coordination, and the smartest one of them, a Warlock has been rolling miserably the whole time when casting his Eldritch Blasts).

According to KFC, just the first encounter by the road, an ambush consisting of 4 Goblins is considered a Hard encounter. It wasnt. They managed to kill them all (and capture one for questioning) before the goblins could do any other action after their surprise round.

Then I tried running the final room of Cragmaw Hideout, consisting of a Bugbear, 2 Goblins and a Wolf. Ignoring the Wolf, KFC tells me this encounter is already a Deadly encounter (Bugbear + Wolf is Hard). I'm guessing the books aren't balanced at all?

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Another instance is the Orc encounter at the end of Dwarven Excavation in DOIP. The adventure says 1 Orc per party member. In KFC, this is considered a Deadly encounter for a LV2 party of 5, and that happens right after coming out of a dungeon where they're going to lose health and resources.

I've seen so many people on DnD subreddits praising this tool, but I cannot figure out how I'm properly supposed to use it to balance dungeons, specially since I'm running official adventure books. I'm trying to use common sense and balance everything by considering the amount of actions that monsters can do vs what my players can do, but looking at KFC is kind of making me think I'll have to rebalance everything and redo ALL of my campaign planning on Roll20 (I've already spent like 50hrs reading through material and placing stuff on Roll20 if not more).

Thank you in advance for your help!

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