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How do you Design Mountain Ranges and Handle Their Exploration/Travel?

Content of the article: "How do you Design Mountain Ranges and Handle Their Exploration/Travel?"

I think I'm at a stage in creating my homebrew campaign where I can/need to make a map of the territory (~30,000 square miles). I plan on having a pretty extensive mountain range and I want to design it intelligently.

These are some of the principles I plan on using to make this section of the map. Do you have any other recommendations or concerns about this approach?

  • I will need to give my players the opportunity to utilize the verticality of the mountain range (high mountain paths and passes, valleys, and caves systems).
  • I will need to give my players the opportunity to use different methods of travel like foot, horse, mountain goat? lol, canoe, and flying (giant eagle/griffon if they play their cards perfectly). I'll also have to consider some of the drawbacks of these travel methods.
  • Generally, design it almost like a dungeon in the sense that the valleys are the "main corridors" for the easiest travel, the mountains are the near insurmountable "walls", mountain passes (whether easily identifiable or hidden) are the "shortcuts", paths high in the mountains and along ridges are the "treacherous shortcuts", caves are treacherous "potential shortcuts or dead ends", and the lakes and patches of forest are "rooms" where encounters are most likely to occur.
  • The mountain ranges and valleys will be mapped out, with some mountain paths/passes marked, but there will be plenty of paths not marked, giving the players then chance to discover them. Rangers also operate within the mountain range and may entrust the players with paths that they use, as well as other info like monster lair locations
  • Find ways to make different sections of the mountain range unique. This is where I could use some ideas! Some sections will utilize verticality more than others. Some might have a bunch of small lakes. Unique enemies in some sections. Fewer enemies in other sections. A wide river going through a few sections offering a fast way to travel.
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