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How do you DM when you’re feeling depressed?

Content of the article: "How do you DM when you’re feeling depressed?"

Probably a weird topic to bring up and I might be the only one who struggles with this, but hey it's the internet, no harm in asking haha.

Sometimes I have a day when I just wake up really, really depressed for frankly no good reason. My heart isn't into DMing, but frankly my heart isn't into anything at that point. I'd like to say I just want to lie in bed and be miserable those days, but I think it would be more accurate to say that I desperately don't want to do that but sometimes it just feels like that's all I can do. And that's fine. I've talked to a friend about this and he suggested I just cancel DnD on those days but honestly I think that's not a great idea because interacting with people(especially during covid times) helps a lot.

The problem is that if I'm a player I can sort of just hype myself up by interacting with people and doing funny things, but as a DM it's a lot harder to just let myself get swept up in the atmosphere since I am the atmosphere. It feels a little suffocating to try to maintain a mood and make sure everyone is having fun when it's taking a lot of effort to just resemble a human being. Players can't usually tell that I'm having those days, but man it's tough.

So what I'm asking is: how do you fake it as a DM when you're really, really not feeling like being a human being but you want to make sure everyone has a great time and not let your mood affect your ability to DM?

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Sorry if that's an overly general question – or just a question without answers – but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask on the offchance people have developed strategies for being a good DM while depressed. I figured if nothing else covid probably means that maybe at least one other person has been struggling with this lol

edit: I'd just like to thank everyone for all your messages. It sounds silly, but I'm feeling pretty down right now and seeing people's messages is helping me in a weird way and I deeply appreciate it.

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