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How do you handle Spell Characterization

Content of the article: "How do you handle Spell Characterization"

I don't even know if that's the right name of what I'm talking about, or if it even has a proper name, but anyway. Let's use Thunderwave as an example: 4 different classes in the game has access to this spell (bards, druids, wizards and sorcerers). We all know wizards study spells to be able to use them, and druids harness the power of nature to cast spells. My question is, is there really anything in the books, even the older ones, that explain how to handle that difference in the casting the same spell? Or, if there isn't really any info on that, how do you personally handle it?

For better explaining, still using Thunderwave: the wizard will know the formulas, wording and hand gestures to maneuver the weave and obtain the desired effect. They will probably know that that "algorithm" and effect has a name (Thunderwave). The druid, in other hand, will probably use their attunement with nature and knowledge the bend the wind and create the explosion or something like that. The thing is, do all wizards around the world use the same algorithm, or is the name something used to help the player understand the magic and it's not generally considered "canon"? Or is the name used to refer only to the result of the algorithm itself, so different people from different classes would use different means to achieve the same named effect?

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And the last question, do all the effects look the same? Like do all Fireballs look exactly the same, or is the ball of fire that explodes somewhere in the field called "Fireball", it doesn't matter if is a small ball, large, blue, orange, as long as it is thrown and explodes with the same damage as the spell card it will be called Fireball.

Sorry for the whole lot of questions, and thanks in advice for any answer!

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