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How does this puzzle boss sound for my party?

Content of the article: "How does this puzzle boss sound for my party?"

Because one of our players can't make it to our sessions, I'm going to be adding a sidekick character to the party. But since giving the party another character is kinda boring, I'm going to make it into a little boss fight. Let me know what you guys think.

The setup is that a shopkeeper's warforged assistant accidentally attuned to a malfunctioning Docent (basically a hard drive with a personality), and is now going rogue and attacking anyone it sees. Due to its old war instructions, it has been corrupted into thinking that everyone is an enemy. The former owner asks the party to see if they can fix it. He then opens the door to the back room where it is and tells them to be careful.

Here's how the fight works: The warforged is designed to be extremely tanky. It has a high AC for the level (19), has regeneration which can't be negated (10 HP isn't a lot, but it can revive it), has one legendary resistance, has an ability that can blind enemies, and can give itself temp HP as a legendary action. While its defence is really high, its offence is a lot weaker. This is to make the fight feel as though the party is missing something, as nothing they're doing has much of an effect on it.

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However, the docent in its chest can be targeted by a Dispel Magic or Remove Curse spell. If targeted by either, the warforged has to make a Con check with a 50% success rate. On a failure, it falls unconscious and the fight is over. On a success, it's stunned for 1 round.

After the fight, the party can insert a functioning docent and the warforged will follow, as it feels guilty about attacking civilians. Also its PC stats will be equivalent to a level 5 fighter, so it's balanced.

The party is level 5 at this point, and includes two casters (at least one of which knows Dispel Magic), meaning they'll be able to succeed after enough trial and error. They'll also fight it with full resources, so I know they will have those required spells.

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