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How heroism of a player doubled the party’s level

Content of the article: "How heroism of a player doubled the party’s level"

> Playing a star wars campaign in dnd 5e using using this module

> Campaign is settled during the prequel trilogy

> Be me: Chiss Operative (Rogue)

> Be not me: DM, Colicoid Fighter, Devaronian Sentinel, Kaminoanian Guardian (Paladin), Umbaran Scout (Ranger) and Voss Consular (Sorcerer)

> Party rests at the Jedi temple after a mission, this is also because Guardian becomes a jedi during this session.

> Order 66 is executed. And Anakin invades the temple

> we-are-all-gonna-die.gif

> Guardian's master takes on Anakin to protect the party and a group of children which is in the temple and order us to run

> Fight begins, our objective is to run.

> Roll for initiative. I use the best named Operative trait: bad feeling. To move a 30' away from the temple.

> I rolled highest initiative, while Anakin rolled the lowest.

> I proced to sneak away rolling a 21 for stealth no one notices me. But I notice there are troopers outside

> Party and childrens procedes to run, but Scout decided to be a hero and to help Guardian's master against Anakin.

> I scream Just run! Screaming causes the enemies to notice me i-done-f***ed-up.gif

> Scout attacks Anakin two times. First roll is a mis, second is a nat-20. Now Anakin is also focused on him

> While Scout is causing Anakin to waste time, we procede in fighting the troopers to clear the way to a spaceship.

> Scout and Guardian's master die. shizaaaaaa.gif

> Sentinel decides to keep the troopers occupied, while we procede to get on the spaceship which is a YT-1300F light freighter, the class of the millennium falcon.

Read:  How to: skillchecks (reposted from r/DnD)

> I get up first and I start using the cannons to attack the troopers.

> Party and two of the childrens are in the spaceship, but Sentinel and two childrens are not. She can only carry one children at the time. She uses the force on one child to push him or her inside the space-ship. While she carries the other with her inside the spaceship.

> Aanakin is approaching us and I have the highest piloting modifier, so I am the pilot. Rolls 25.

> suuuuuuuuuu.gif

> DM: "Considering you managed to save all 4 children, you'll begin next session at level 14"

> Party thanks Sentinel a lot for what she did both in-character and out-of-character and cries at the deaths of our companions. Two of the childrens become the padawans of Sentinel and Consular respectively.

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