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How I emotionally crushed my players in the campaign’s first session

Content of the article: "How I emotionally crushed my players in the campaign’s first session"

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This past Tuesday I started up a new campaign with my friends and I emotionally crushed them by the end of the campaign. To start off, I put them in a tavern owned by a dwarf of Melram Oaken-Braid, who I explained had saved their lives at one point or another, specifically adopting one of the players as a young child.

They were all really thrilled to have some deep NPC interaction, and the player whose character got adopted by Melram is really into roleplaying, so he got super into character. We went back and forth for a few minutes with dialogue, then I introduced the "antagonist," Markarg Aulenz.

Markarg came in the tavern and straight up killed Melram in front of his adopted son and friends. They were horrified that I would kill off Melram so soon. To skip a good bit of exposition, they went on a quest that led them into the extremist group, The Brevisaries in a town called Clermond.

The Brevisaries' goal in Clermond was to cast True Polymorph on a town-wide scale, turning all of the citizens into either a dwarf, gnome, or kobold. The players got to the final boss fight, which consisted of 7 priests with 10 AC, 5 HP, and 1d4 unnarmed damage. I gave my players a set time limit to beat the priests before the spell took effect and turned Clermond into The Brevisaries' version of a "perfect" society.

My players failed. Out of the 4 of them, 2 were already a dwarf and kobold. The other 2 were a Tortle and a homebrew Otterfolk race. When the spell took effect, the remaining priests simply stood there laughing as the Tortle turned into a kobold and the Otterfolk turned into a dwarf.

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My players went into an all out rage and obliterated the remaining priests, furious at both The Brevisaries and themselves. They told me after the session was done that they thoroughly enjoyed what happened, as it proved just how big of a threat the antagonists are. They were crushed, but they heccin loved it.

I cant wait to show them what I have planned next

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