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How I lost my arm

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First greentext style story, forgive me if it sucks

>Be Axel, a human paladin in a party with Kaslen, a Gnome rogue and Deamise, an Aasimar warlock along with a few NPC's who tagged along with the party

> Work with an organization named "The Bureau of Balance" who send people all around the globe to collect artifacts called "Grand Relics" that allow the user control over a school of magic.

>We're on the way to the lab of Lucas, an arcane scientist who somehow found a Grand Relic, the Philosopher's Stone and started fucking with it without telling the Bureau

>Surprise, Surprise, he fucks up and the stone goes haywire and starts SCP-049-ing the place, slowly turning the whole lab to crystal

>Lab is magically suspended over the ocean but with the added weight of the crystal, the lab will eventually fall into the ocean and turn the whole planet to crystal

>This is why you don't fuck with Grand Relics

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>We were all given a special suit and enchantments on our gear that keeps it from getting crystallized if hit with crystal

>Fast forward about halfway through the arc and the party is holed up in a room behind an arcane airlock which slows the effect of the crystal.

>While the party is discussing a strategy to stop the stone, capture Lucas and probably execute him for causing a possible doomsday, a small portal opens behind me and a small shard of the crystal shit pops out

>Hear "The voice of Pan" in my head repeatedly telling me to grab the crystal

>Usually our DM would lean really close to the microphone and whisper when I talked with/prayed to Pan

>Grab crystal without thinking

>Crystal sharpens and stabs through my suit

>OOC I get mad since I assumed I wouldn't be able to fight for the rest of the arc and I'm pretty much the party's tank

>IC I start yelling at the gnome to cut my arm off, he rolls and succeeds so now I'm on the floor bleeding

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>The medic NPC stabilizes me and pulls me into the medbay and finds a mcguffin-ey soulwood (I think that's what it was) sprout that They set into my arm and presto! Axel is good as new but now with a disadvantage to slight of hand, which I never used.

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