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How I rule Deception and Persuasion checks to reward my players!

Content of the article: "How I rule Deception and Persuasion checks to reward my players!"

This is my first post here, so please be kind! I am by no means a experienced DM, but I am running my first longer campaign. I am running a party with a pretty low average charisma and wisdom, and pretty high average intelligence. This means that my party, multiple times, failed to persuade the heavily manipulated and brainwashed lackey to see that their actions were bad. The characters had really good arguments so I made it a medium dc, and they rolled with advantage when they helped each other. They still failed, because they were just very unlucky and had low charisma.

This is where the rules about checks come in. You have full liberty to tell someone to make a Str+Intimidation roll, but I feel as though this is one of the most underrated tools in the PHB. If the party in character plans a specific lie they are going to tell, why not have them make a Int+Deception check if it is better for them? It might sound like it devalues the charisma stat, but I would have to disagree.

After all, it makes sense in real life too. I had a friend in high school who was charming and very persuasive. I am not. I would still do as good or better on persuasive speeches and essays, because it let me take time to find the most convincing words and phrasings. To put it in DnD words, he had a higher Cha stat than me, but when I was in the right context I could use my Int modifier to match his persuasion stat. Let the characters use what they are good at, if they can make it make sense.

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Different characters approach situations differently. You might tell the warlock making an arcana check "It feels familiar in an odd way, as though something within you is drawn towards it" while you tell a wizard with the same check "Oh yeah, you have read about this somewhere, but you can't quite remember exactly what it is". In the same way the characters could naturally approach something like an important lie differently. The Wizard might plan out his exact words and eliminate any potential "plot holes", while the Warlock might be going more by feel and focus more on having a good and convincing way of speaking while telling the lie.

To me this has really helped me in how I think about specifically social encounters, and I think it is always a good feeling for the player to have creative ways of utilizing what the character is actually built to be good at. This of course doesn't only go for deception and persuasion, and I know a lot of you probably use this rule already. Deception and Persuasion was just the stat I most often found difficult for my characters. I also think that it makes a lot of sense with specifically these checks since it can be very easily exemplified in real life.

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