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How my first session I DMed ended up with rat r*pe

Content of the article: "How my first session I DMed ended up with rat r*pe"

Note: Please, before you comment read the afterword. It provides some needed context.

Be me: a player who wants to DM and introduce some friends to the game

two of them are up for it

third one have "I can come, I guess" mentality

first one plays Dwarf Fighter

second one is a wizard

"Can I be Megumin from Konosuba?"


but i'm also a weeb

"Ok, let's have fun"

third player chooses Human Barbarian

session starts

i do separate introductions for them

they are friends who are going to meet in a tavern

Dwarf goes to the tavern

Barb immediately looks at his phone

*sigh* "I'll just try to engage him with the story"

he goes as well tho

all according to keikaku so far

"What if I don't go?" asks Megumin


"Then nothing will happen"

"Then I will stay"


he just wants to explore the possibilities so I let him

a little DM magic later they finally meet up in an old lady's house

quest begins!

Barb looks up from his phone

"Can I rape the old lady?"


some rape jokes later he goes back to his phone

"Do you really want to play? I don't want to force you…"

pls say no

"I can play"

that is not an answer to my question

going back to the quest

they learn that kobolds are in the old lady's basement and are coming from the sewers

"Let's go to the guards with this" they say

that's an unexpectedly responsible thing to do and not the one I expected

fortunately I prepared guard's station because I figured they will end up there one way or another

talking with the guards Dwarf is acting really entitled

guards don't like that

he doesn't like guards


combat in the guard station ensues

classic dnd moment

surprisingly they wipe the floor with guards

i realise I confused their hp with ac

well, my fault

only Megumin went down

Barb gropes her butt


what is my life…

they assault office of the captain

they talk it out

he sends them back to the sewers to deal with the problem promising not to hang them for their crimes

in the sewers

they calmed down a bit and session is back on track (they supposed to be there in the first hour)

Barbarian at this point immersed himself with his phone

has to be reminded to roll his dice and basically we're playing his character

"Do you really want to play?"

"I can play"

*internal screaming*

later they are surrounded by rats, A LOT OF RATS

rats seem to want guide them

party goes along with them

Barb looks up

"cAn I RaPe A raT????"


I'm too done with this to protest

"FINE! You can rape it! Roll for grapple."

he succeeds

"You now have a dead rat on your dick because it couldn't handle your big dong."

with this description i hope he realises what stupid shit he's done

he laughs and wiggle it around proudly

Suffice to say I didn't invite him for the next session

I finished up the session despite this. There were some stupid jokes later but overall he almost completely shut down after this so it was no longer that bad. There were also a lot more stupid jokes and some rape attempts but I just left the highlights.

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And please don't hate too much on the players, especially the other two. We know each other most of our lives so as much as all this sounds bad it happened with people we know really well. Barbarian's player was responsible for instigating most of this. He really didn't care about the game and couple it up with his dark sense of humor you get this. Dwarf was prone to violence but otherwise nothing that bad. Megumin was actually the most collected one so the red flag was a red herring. Those two were a lot more bahaving in next sessions. Although, I will never play with Barbarian again.

But overall, I was also at fault for not handling everything correctly.

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